Because lunch is the most important class

By Mir
July 27, 2009

Any kid about to head back to school can tell you that it’s all about lunch… or maybe that’s just my kids. Ahem. Regardless, shopping for a new lunch bag or the perfect container to house lukewarm mac-n-cheese is just as important as picking out which notebooks and pencils they’ll use this year.

Right now at eToys, they’re ready to help you out. Choose from their Thermos Funtainers or their Thermos lunch kits, and you’ll automatically save 25% and get free shipping.

There appears to be a limit of 3 qualifying items per order, but with the free shipping, I don’t see why you couldn’t just place additional (separate) orders.

It’s the stuff they want, at the prices you can stand, and no fighting with the thundering hordes at Target for the last Hannah Montana lunchbox. Thank goodness.


  1. Perfect timing! Thanks!

  2. To quote the tween in my life, “Hannah Montana? Puh-leeze! That’s so yesterday.” Accompanied by the appropriate eye-roll, of course.

    Can you imagine being a has-been at 16?

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