Back to cool (in case you left)

By Mir
August 3, 2009

Granted, it’s not their $5 sale, but if you’re simply dying for some cool new shirts from Threadless, their Back 2 Cool sale is on this week.

That means every single T is on sale; some are as low as $8.

You really can’t go wrong with Threadless shirts. I’ve started putting them in the gift closet and giving them at birthday parties. The kids like ’em and the parents always pull me aside and thank me for not buying another hunk of plastic junk.

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  1. The last couple sales I had glanced at their shirts and thought “Right…” and figured I just didn’t get it. This time I took some time and looked at all of them (OK, just the ones $10 and under) and found gifts for the kiddies in my life, and maybe one or two snarky shirts to put on my wish list (like “I’m not bitter, I’m unsweetened”). Is “Marshmallow Factory” too obnoxious to put on my 5-year-old? 😉

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