Back-to-school savings at JCP

By Mir
August 10, 2009

I’m not a giant huge fan of JC Penney—I don’t have anything against them, mind you, I just often find myself finding them sort of meh—but now that we’ve entered the land of school uniforms, I’ve realized they’re good in a pinch.

Like when I think I’m all smart ordering my daughter just one pair of pants along with her shorts and skorts, because hey, it’s August in Georgia and I have plenty of time! But then she tells me that it’s freezing inside the school and she wants to wear pants every day. Whoops. And the clearance Lands’ End pants I bought her are now sold out. Double whoops.

Thanks to current $10 off $10+ coupon code GET4BTS, I was able to pick her up a second pair of pants, quick and cheap. Huzzah!


  1. Coupon works in the Outlet, too. Nice.

  2. I SO wish our school would go to uniforms.

  3. What a great code! Got a long sleeved uniform shirt on the cheap. Eternal thanks!

  4. Found a 2 x 9 braided rug, shipped to local store and saved $135! Yay! Thanks for the link, I’ve never looked at JCP online before and the outlet has pretty good deals.

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