Jetting off?

By Mir
August 13, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Well here’s a deal I’ve never seen before: JetBlue has decided to offer an All-You-Can-Jet Pass to customers for $599. It gets you unlimited (!!) JetBlue flights between September 8th and October 8th, 2009. If you already have a flight booked during that time period, you can “upgrade” to the pass by paying the difference. It’s a pretty sweet deal if you can make use of a month of frantic travel.

Of course, some of us don’t live near JetBlue hubs. For example, Atlanta, being the tiny little airport it is (ahem), isn’t served by JetBlue, so this is utterly useless to me.

But maybe not to you. Happy flying!


  1. Cool! I have a friend who lives in Chicago and her husband lives in Austin and they serve both airports.

  2. That would be so cool if you had vacation time or something…

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