Friday, hit me one more time

By Mir
August 14, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I’m not entirely sure how I marked the end of the week before the Amazon Friday Sale came along. Perhaps there was some other, equally sacred, event? I’m not sure. But I think I like this better. Hooray for Friday!

I’m not sure if I genuinely like these shoes or if it’s just that they’re half price and I’m really, really excited for the season premiere of Mad Men in a few days.

Contrary to popular belief, a reciprocating saw doesn’t demand that you cut through something first, before it does. (Psssst—my jokes are lame, but under $80 shipped for a DeWalt is kind of awesome.)

I think they should call this the Lawnmower Of The Future. Because clearly, that’s what it is. Except then maybe people would expect it to come with a robot to push it, too.

I kind of love this sleeper futon; the style has come a long way since the brokedown futon I had in college, huh? (And if what you really need a spare bed, no couch, go for the cheap Aerobed, instead.)

Purple duck tape! Well, that takes care of Christmas….

You know, my birthday’s coming up, and I’m still waiting on that 6-quart professional KitchenAid mixer…. (Down to $340 with available $40 rebate!)

Didn’t succumb to the recent deal on Yummy Earth candy yet? Today’s the day: Get the 150-count tub of lollipops for just $13, which means that if you buy 2 you can apply 45% off code YEARTH44 and get 300 lollipops for just $14.30 shipped. That’s under a nickel a piece, for organic candy! Repeat after me: Halloween. Done.

Of course, don’t forget to check out August’s assortment of 50 MP3 albums for just $5 each, plus today’s Gold Box Deal is kids’ Mammoth Crocs for just $11.89. (The idea of furry Crocs is kind of horrifying to me, but maybe not to you. What do I know, anyway? I live in Georgia, where people wear flip-flops all winter long.)

Have a great Friday, everyone!


  1. Darn, if the mammoth crocs came in a size FOUR, I could buy them for ME.

  2. Some very… interesting stuff in Personal Care & Grocery this morning.

    @Linda, I just bought myself size 4 kid’s Tevas from Sierra Trading Post. I needed kayaking shoes, and the kid’s version only cost about $11 with a coupon code, compared to $20-$40 for the women’s version. I completely do not understand why I’d be a size 6 in women’s and a size 4 in kid’s. I kinda wish we’d go to the European system of shoe sizing, which is standard for men’s, women’s, and kid’s sizes. How many centimeters long is the shoe? Well, that’s what size it is!

  3. Summer, I know what you mean about womens/kids size differences. My daughter loves the Chuck Taylor Converse hi-tops. She really wanted to design her own pair at (which even comes with your name embroidered on them). She wears a women’s size 5 and I just could not justify paying $62 + shipping for shoes for a 9 year old. Then I found out that a women’s size 5 is the same as a kid’s size 3. And the kid’s “design your own” were only $45. She said that when she wore them to school, everyone wanted to know where she got them. According to her, I am now “the coolest mom ever”. I’ll enjoy this feeling now… and look back on it when she’s a teenager in a few years and I am “lame”, “uncool”, and “embarassing”.

  4. Mir, my hero! I’ve been looking for Crocs for my son, and just picked up a winter pair AND a summer pair (the Cayman in orange was 14.89). YAY!

  5. I need to live where I can wear flip flops and a everyone can see my pedicure all year long…instead of the short short summer in VT.

  6. I love those shoes. The mary janes? They’re gorgeous. You know, MY birthday is coming up too…in seven months…

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