Winners of the GoPicnic contest

By Mir
August 20, 2009
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I can see that many, many of you were as intrigued by the idea of shelf-stable real foods as I am—we had over 460 entries into the contest for GoPicnic portable meals. The bad news is that we only have three winners. The good news is that I have a little something for everyone else, too. Keep reading!

First, the winners! They are Jen in TN (commenter 17, and yes, Jen, apparently number 17 has won—I laughed when I read your comment!), Dave (commenter 318), and Bethany (commenter 64). Congratulations, winners! Please check your email and start picking out which six GoPicnic meals you’d like to receive!

Everyone else—you know you still want to try them out. So go visit GoPicnic and use coupon code GPMOMS to take 20% off your purchase.

Many thanks to all who played, and special pink puffy heart gratitude to GoPicnic for their generosity and for just generally creating an awesome lunch option for busy families (plus thanks to their PR folks at Ruder Finn for hooking us up). This was a fun one!

Didn’t win this time? Don’t despair—there’s always another chance to win something coming up….


  1. Hot diggity! Thanks, random number generator! Thanks, Mir!

  2. Coupon code isn’t working for me (says “This coupon does not apply to items in cart.”) I’m ordering a sampler and a variety pack…and two salads. Was hoping the 20% off would offset some of the shipping ($15.99!) Does the code only apply to individual GoPinic kids meals?

  3. I had the same coupon issue…help!

  4. Sit tight, pretties… I have an email in to the GoPicnic folks to try to figure out the coupon problem. Will update ASAP!

  5. I did find a coupon on facebook- only 10% though. Use code TRYGOPICNIC

  6. Maybe I’m blind today… I don’t see where to enter a coupon code.

  7. The coupon code goes in the last page, after you fill out your payment info. And the coupon code works now.

  8. Saw ajp’s post…so I tried again. Still not working for me. 🙁 Sitting tight for Mir’s update… 🙂

  9. Hmmm…I just got over the $100 mark to get the free shipping. Maybe it has to do with order amount?

  10. Not working for me either… 🙁 Maybe they should give us a bigger discount to make it up to us. 🙂

  11. Friends – we hear you loud and clear about the GoPicnic coupon not working correctly and have conducted outreach to the CEO directly to remedy the situation immediately. As soon as the code is up and running correctly, we will post a message. Our apologies for any problem this causes. We appreciate your business and take your comments very seriously.

    Thanks, Lauren Russ on behalf of GoPicnic

  12. Thanks, Lauren! I’ll post an update once we’re good to go, everyone.

  13. Same here. Not working for the sampler pack.

  14. Thanks Mir (& Lauren). I gave the code another try today. The problem seems to be fixed. Discounted order went though for me.

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