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By Mir
August 21, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I got all excited this morning when I clicked over to the Amazon Friday Sale and saw an entire section for electronics. What would they have? GPS units, MP3 players… computers?? But alas, it was merely a short page of digital photo frames. Which is fine, if you’re in the market for a frame, I guess. Still. I maintained high hopes for something out of the ordinary elsewhere in the sale….

Well, here’s a deal worth getting excited about: These Helly Hansen boots are as low as about $40 shipped, down from over $100. I live on the surface of the sun and have no need for such things, but maybe you do.

Ooooh, you know I love it when the professional level KitchenAid mixer is on sale. $320 shipped is a great deal on that, plus there’s an available $40 rebate. Rowr. Gotta love it in red, too—doesn’t it make you want to go bake a dozen loaves of bread?? (Okay, maybe that’s just me.) (And no, I can’t actually eat the bread anymore, so I’m aware that’s a little weird….)

Um. Here’s where I realized the Friday Sale may officially be too fancy for me. I mean, I am never going to spend $100 (on sale) for a dog bed, designer or no, but if that’s your thing, bless you and your pampered pooch.

And then you could make your homemade gourmet dog food in your new Calphalon stock pot. Or just make soup in there, or whatever. Hard to beat $55 for a 12-quart Calphalon.

There’s tons of Kitchens of India markdowns in the grocery section, but everyone I know agrees that the butter chicken curry is the favorite, hands down. Buy it with Subscribe & Save and you’ll get 6 packets for $7.65 (and free shipping), and if you know a cheaper way to stock up on those, I’d love to hear it.

Today’s Gold Box Deal is Norton 360 3.0 on the cheap, so if you don’t have a Mac (sorry, couldn’t resist) and need protection for your computer, that’s worth checking out.

And last—but not least—don’t forget that there are 50 MP3 albums downloads for just $5 each available, so if you want to beef up your music collection, that’s a great way to do it on the cheap.

You know, I’m going to spend the entire day today wondering what sort of dog deserves a $100 cushion to sleep on. I can’t help it. There goes my day….


  1. Thanks I needed to get a new Nortons and just haven’t want to pay the price. You ROCK!!!!

  2. Contemplating stock pot – wondering if I need another. I often end up washing mine by hand so I don’t have to wait for the next dishwasher load.

  3. There used to be a sleep number bed for dogs. I remember seeing it in the ad, but it has apparently been discontinued. That is some fancy sleeping!

  4. Now, you could be ever so slightly biased about dogs due to your own recent doggy … ummmm… “experience”.

    But I have to say that I’m sort of with you.

  5. Just have to comment on the stock pot. I have that one – received it as a gift when we got married 17 years ago. That thing is awesome! It holds a ton, and it’s Calphalon – quality item, I promise. And best of all, it looks the same now as the day we received it – and YES, it gets used often. 🙂

    To Daisy: I never put my Calphalon in the dishwasher; you’re not supposed to. In fact, the Amazon page says “But do remember to hand wash your Calphalon pans–dishwasher detergents are bad for the finish and their use voids the lifetime warranty.”

  6. oh, helly hansen boots… i do not need you, yet i love you. you are so cheap, how do i resist you?

  7. You really are a nerd. Excitement from gadgets ehh? You need to come on over to my house and chill. We do have gadgets, lots of them, but I take the 50s woman approach when it comes to anything with a cord. It is nice to fall back on when we need it.

  8. I, apparently, am a nerd as well…but because I have never heard of Helly Hansen (I keep wanting to say Nelly Olson in my head). Guess I’ve been under my rock for too long!

  9. Pretty Mir,

    *Every* dog deserves a $100 dog bed. But how often do any of us get the amazing things we deserve?

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