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By Mir
August 22, 2009
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Do you have or know a tweenage girl? Most of the ones I know are obsessed with fashion. It’s all about inventing something new and cool. And I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather my daughter experiment in mix-n-match style on her dolls or in her sketchbook than with her own clothes. (One, I don’t want to finance that habit, and two, often her dolls wear things I probably wouldn’t let her wear.)

So when the Harumika folks came along offering to send me one of their style starter sets, I said sure. It looked like a great way for kids to experiment with inventing outfits without either bankrupting us parents or causing us to have “you’re not leaving the house dressed in THAT” palpitations.

This weekend one lucky Want Not reader is going to win a Harumika Wild One Starter Set, complete with everything your budding fashionista needs to create her own set of outfits for the enclosed miniature dress form. The set is for children ages six and up, but I won’t tell if you find yourself playing with it, too.

Want to win it? First go read the contest rules and regulations, then come back here and leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Sunday, August 23rd, 2009 to be entered. Winner to be determined by random number generation and runway strut.

Ready? Go!


  1. My daughter would love this! Thanks for the chance to win.

  2. oh, goodness. my daughter is too young for this, but my niece would think this is the coolest. gift. ever. and i really, really need to be the Cool Aunt. thanks!

  3. I want to play with this!

  4. My niece would love this!

  5. What fun for my little “fashionista?!” Thanks for the chance to win, Mir! 😉

  6. pick me plz???

  7. my “tweenage” would love this!!

  8. My daughter keeps seeing ads for this and asking for it. Naturally, she tells me this AFTER I bought the presents for her birthday, which is one week from today. Come on, Mir–it’s your big chance! 😉

  9. Pretty please? With sugar on top? And a cherry?

  10. Great contest! Thanks.

  11. Sounds like a lot of fun.

  12. my daughter would love it!!!

  13. My daughter’s 6th birthay is coming up… she would love this!

  14. So cool!

  15. I have one teen and two tween daughters so this set would be Very Welcome here.

    I find financing their real life fashion experimenting isn’t so bad since we have good thrift stores around here, and they can find about anything for almost no money. Still, this kit looks cool!


  16. My daughter would flip out for this…hope I win!

  17. How cool would I be to my soon to be 9 yr old if she got that as a birthday present?

  18. fantastic! My littlest one would love this!

  19. This looks fun. We’d love to have one!

  20. saw these! meeeeee!

  21. This sounds great! I won’t tell you why I want it or who it might be for…

  22. Very cool. And shiny!

  23. perfect for my fashionista niece!

  24. Awesome- my niece would LOVE this!

  25. My daughter would LOVE this!

  26. I have a daughter who has a friend that “make” clothes for their stuffed animals. they would go crazy for this thing!

  27. Fashion is the furthest thing from my mind being a stay at home mom. I know this because my 8 year old daughter points it out to me on a daily basis with “you’re not going out in THAT are you?”. She on the other hand is a budding fashion-ista and would love to get her hands on something like this! 🙂

  28. My little girl is too little (she’s only four), but my sister’s daughter is quite the seamstress these days. She would adore this.

  29. Enter me — Enter me…please.

    (Oh and Mir, you are looking very pretty today.)

  30. Very Cool!

  31. This would be perfect for my girl.

  32. Cute! Mine is too young but that doesn’t mean I don’t know a girlie who would love this.

  33. My girl would love this.

  34. Cool!

  35. ooh, perfect for the start of Project Runway. Bugman LOVES this show

  36. Yes, yes, yes!!!!!!! I want in on this!!!!!!!

  37. My daughter loves project Runway and would love this…

  38. Gotta love Saturday contests!

  39. perfect for my niece

  40. Love this!

  41. My daughter would love this!

  42. Oh. My. Gosh! This would be absolutely perfect for my daughter. She just turned 11 and said she was hoping for more fashionable clothes. That and her newest career choice is to be a fashion designer. So I got her notepads and colored pencils to create her designs. This would be better! I so hope I win, for her sake!!

  43. LOVE it!

  44. Wow, I want this! I don’t doubt my daughter would enjoy it as well… thanks! Jessica

  45. How fun! Enter me, please!! 🙂

  46. Sounds awesome – thanks for the chance!

  47. My daughter just saw this and said “I wanna get it!”. So here we are.

  48. My daughter would love this!

  49. Pick me!

  50. Oh my girls would love this too.

  51. My daughter would LOVE this!

  52. This looks great! Pick me please!

  53. Sounds like a great Christmas gift!

  54. I have 4 daughters…I know they would have a blast with this!!!

  55. This sounds like such fun!!

  56. I have two daughters who would spend HOURS making outfits.

    (Plus, it would mean fewer clean, discarded clothes on the floor that inevitably make their way to the laundry basket.)

    I sure hope I win! 🙂

  57. Oh my do we need this! 🙂

  58. Awesome! I’ve got one with a birthday coming up, and this would be perfect! *fingers crossed*

  59. My daughter would love this! And it’s my birthday!

  60. I think this would be an awesome thing for a budding fashion designer that I know.

  61. My name is in the proverbial hat. Yay. Love contests.

  62. Can’t figure it out – but I do have three daughters . . .

  63. oh my tweenage daughter would love this!

  64. Awesome

  65. My daughter THINKS she is a tween, does that count?

  66. This sounds awesome…fingers crossed

  67. oh please me.

  68. Maybe this will be my lucky contest!

  69. Is one ever prepared for the teenage girl? Anything can help, I guess!

  70. Tomorrow is my birthday. This would make a great present for me and my soon to be 7 year old daughter!

  71. I am pleading with the random number generator to pick me…

  72. I would win the “Best Aunt” award!! Sweeeet.

  73. I have three daughters…what fun this would be on a snowy winter day in Wyoming!

  74. My daughter loved the paper ones that the American Girl series has out – I know she’d love this one too!

  75. This sounds really cool and since My daughter is about to turn 6, it is perfect!!!

  76. We’d love it!

  77. Looks like fun. Thanks.

  78. Yes, please!

  79. This would make a great birthday present for my daughter!

  80. Hmmm…for 8 or 14? I think they’d both love it! Weird…that never happens.

  81. This would be great!

  82. It’s a primer for Project Runway!

  83. This could be a real winner with my daughter!

  84. Yes! What could be more fun?

  85. I have an 8 year old girl who’s going on 18 and would love this! Thank you, Michele

  86. Project Runway, here she comes!!!

  87. my daughter would love this

  88. I dont have a girl, but I have 3 nieces that would have to get to share. Oh, well. Pick Me!!!

  89. This would make a great birthday gift! Pick Me!! 🙂

  90. We would love to play with this!

  91. love it

  92. My niece would love this for her upcoming birthday!

  93. Oh lovely Mir, my eldest would LOVE this.

  94. hoping!

  95. oooh me

  96. FUN! Thanks for the great contest!

  97. Cool, thanks Mir!

  98. Pick me, Pick me, Please!

  99. My daughter would love this!!

  100. pick me pick me

  101. My 9-soon-to-be-10 year old would love this!

  102. My girls would have a blast with this!

  103. I have Three GIRLS!!!!!! Send my way.

  104. Perfect for the christmas closet!!!

  105. Sounds really fun for girls! I’d love to win for my daughters. =)

  106. Please! Please! Please! My daughter has been asking for this!

  107. Oh, memememmeme, I might even let my daughter play with it.

  108. I would love this for my 10 year old daughter. Please! Please!

  109. My niece would absolutely love this!

  110. Cute.

  111. Neato. Hope I win!

  112. Looks fun enough for mom to enjoy as a “together” activity! Pick me!

  113. Too cute! My little fashion diva would love this!

  114. My daughter would love this! She’s been obsessed with what she wears since she was 2! I’m so thrilled that she has to wear uniforms now that she’s going into the 1st grade.

  115. that would be so fun!
    I think my 12 yr old would love it!

  116. I think my niece would like this.

  117. My daughter has been asking for this every time she sees the commercial!

  118. How fun!

  119. Perfect gift for my niece!

  120. I promise to give it to a little girl! 🙂

  121. yay!

  122. Cool!

  123. Ooh – my daughter would LOVE this. And since her birthday is next month, I would really love YOU!

  124. So cute! Thanks for the chance to win!

  125. Cool contest!

  126. We’re just entering the tween age, but my daughter would love this!

  127. FUN!

  128. Yes, please.

  129. Perfect to keep my daughter entertained!! Thanks for the offer!

  130. Would love to win this. Thanks.

  131. My little girl would absolutely LOVE this!!!

  132. Thanks!

  133. One of my nieces would LOVE this — she wants to be a fashion designer!

  134. One of my nieces would be very happy to get this!!
    Thanks for the try!

  135. OH-my twin fashion freaks will go crazy!

  136. My daughter would LOVE this! She loves fashioning clothes for her babies out of just about anything. This would be a great way for her to channel this talent without losing socks/undershirts/scarves, etc.

  137. Oh ny goodness!! My DD has just switched from private to public school AND is about to have her 10th birthday. She has no idea what to wear to school and also doesn’t know what she wants for her present. Something like this would be just perfect!! Thanks for the opportunity!


  138. whooo hoooo.. my girls would be in heaven!!

  139. I actually ask my seven year old feedback on some of my outfits. Megan is a budding clothes designer and I can’t believe her eye and attention to detail. She doesn’t get it from me-I really dislike shopping. Thank you for the great giveaway!

  140. Fun for the kids…and me…

  141. My 9 y/o daughter has asked for these. Her birthday is in September. This would work out well for me!!

  142. I know a six year old girl who will love this! What a cool idea.

    Thanks, Mir.

  143. This would be awesome…my daughter has taken on that task of finding individual ways to express herself. While this is at times funny and hilarious it can also be sad as I know it won’t be long till she is out on her own!

  144. So cool!

  145. I feel really lucky!!!!!

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