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By Mir
August 27, 2009

Sure, everyone else is starting to think about jackets and boots and such, but not you. You’re smart. (And pretty. Have I mentioned lately how pretty you are?) You know that now’s the time to scoop up deals on what you’ll need next summer. Which means that if you or your kids enjoy knocking around the pool or yard in Crocs, you’ll want to go check out the buy 1 pair, get 1 pair free options—over 30 of them!—at right now. If that’s not great enough, you’ll also get free shipping.

Still not enough? Well, it never is, when it comes to the bargain, right? Okay, fine. Use code slx8797 to save another 25%. I hope you’re happy.


  1. Or, if you live in Southern California where you can wear Crocs all year round… (Hey. There’s gotta be some upside to the fires and earthquakes, no?) Off to see what they have in my kids’ sizes.

  2. Awesome! Thanks Mir!!!!

  3. People keep telling me that crocs is bankrupt and going out of business. Do you know if this is true?

  4. Eek, I’d love to buy shoes ahead, but how do you figure out how big the foot will get? My people are brand new, 2 and 4. Add a couple to each size?

  5. I just got two pair for me for only $18. Can’t beat that with a stick! Thanks, Mir!

  6. Eva, I have a friend that works at Crocs HQ. Things are looking up now, although it was iffy for a while. I *think* he said they’ve posted profits for this last quarter.

  7. 2 for me
    2 for my daughter
    thanks mir!

  8. 1 for me, 1 for daughter, 1 for son for $28, shipped! Thanks, Mir!

  9. (I should add that the pair for my son was NOT on the BOGO list. Lest everyone think I’m a dummy for not choosing a 4th pair. LOL)

  10. You’ve made me AND my mother happy, Mir — she tried my Crocs while we were at the beach this week and her bunions loved them. Crocs for Mom!

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