Khaki up

By Mir
September 3, 2009

It’s time for the Annual Khaki Event at Dockers, which sounds like it should involve a zombie army in nicely pressed cargo pants, but actually just means they’ve got some special pricing through September 13th.

Still, once you get over the disappointment about the zombie thing, it’s worth checking out if you like their pants.


  1. It’s the next horror flick. When an ordinary office building full of tired, overworked bureaucrats are turned by an evil witch doctor with nefarious intentions, the odds are we’ll be seeing more than red tape…..Zombies in Dockers!

  2. Now if only they made men’s in 30×34!

  3. Yeah, they don’t make a 28×30 either – of course, few people do. Then again, my son is still growing, so he will probably fly through this size by Christmas.

  4. Did you see up in the right corner where you can sign up and get free shipping? Score! PS: totally thought of zombies when watching the funny little waist-down movies on the site showing off the different pant fits. Hilarious! I mean, in the same way your GPS makes you snicker.

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