Party like it’s 9/9/09

By Mir
September 9, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

That’s right—for 99 hours only, you can take 90% off your gift certificate purchase with coupon code NINETY.

What does that mean? It means you have just a few days to scoop up $25 worth of dining for just $1 out of pocket, and you can party like someone who can actually afford a nice meal out for a change. Stock up while the getting’s good, and date night can be fantastic and frugal.


  1. What a great birthday present! Thanks, Mir!

  2. Mir, you were up at 5:02?!!

  3. never bought from there before, but what’s wrong with 2 $10 restaurant gift certificates for only 80 cents?! 😉

  4. $135 for $5.90 – I love! And 3 of the certificates are for our vacation next week – even better!!

  5. I just bought 8 of these, one of the things I like about these certificates is the assurance that we will actually go out once in a while!

  6. We’ve used some of these before, but it drives my husband bonkers that many of the restaurants on the list that are near us have an automatic 18% gratuity added. We normally tip more than that, but don’t feel we need to tip on top of the 18%.

    I’m curious as to what other users do in that situation. Do you still add a tip, or do you figure if they want to lock you in at 18% it’s their loss?

  7. NancyR,
    We have found that many restaurants don’t add the 18%, so make sure you check your bill. If they do add the 18%, we don’t tip on top of that, figuring the “it’s your loss” philosophy.

  8. But why should the server be victim of the “it’s your loss” part of the equation? If you normally tip more, go for it. (Hey, I was a server back in the day, and it’s hard work.)

  9. Wow, $75 in great food for only $4, thanks for the heads up on this deal, we are gonna have a good cheap date night!

  10. AUUGHHH I’m in love!! I have “date night” with my son and he’s going to love this. awesome!

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