I guess Extreme Flailing was voted down

By Mir
September 14, 2009
Category Contests

I thought that getting a Wii would make us more active as a family, but up until recently, the favorite game was, hands down, Mario Kart. Mario Kart is an awesome game, but you pretty much just… sit on the couch. I guess your arms get a workout from the steering.

But then Active Life Extreme Challenge came along and was all, “Would you like to try it out?” And I had been reading my friend Kira’s recent posts about the game and was already intrigued, so I said, “Sure, we’ll try it!”

Here is what I have learned so far: 1) I am old and 2) my children are extremely limber monkeys.

I could tell you more, but the typing, it burns.

Oh, but you know what would be better than me telling you about it? You winning one. Totally. Because then you could climb rocks and base jump and do all of those other things that your kids make look so easy and yet end up causing you to need chiropractic care. Yay!!

This contest is for one Active Life Extreme Challenge bundle with mat for the Wii. Neither Want Not nor Bandai Namco are responsible for any colorful words that may escape your mouth while playing, but we will happily take full credit for the fun you have. Because we’re swell that way. Want to win it? First go review the contest rules and regulations, then leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Wednesday, September 16th, 2009 to be entered. Winner will be determined by random number generation and best double-dutch rhyme. (Really just the number thing. Sorry.)

Ready? Go!


  1. pick me!! unlikely, but #1 has happened…

  2. This looks like wacky fun!

  3. Yeah, yeah, I’m next!!!

  4. Pick me please!!!

  5. This looks awesome!

  6. LOL..this could be interesting.

  7. Me, me, PLEASE me!

  8. Can’t wait to see how old I feel.

  9. Sounds like a fun addition to wii night.

  10. Cool!

  11. Looks like fun. Thanks!

  12. This would be a great addition to our Wii collection!

  13. I need something to keep my a@@ off the couch this winter.

  14. wow – what fun for my big fat you-know-what!

  15. I’d very much like to win. It’s a mere 300 days until bathing suit season rolls around again.

  16. I would love to win this.

  17. I already get regular chiropractic care and might as well give my chirpopractor more to do while I am there right? 🙂

  18. Sounds like fun!

  19. Cool!

  20. I’d love to be more active! 🙂

  21. I’ve been wanting to try this one!

  22. mario kart is one of our personal favorites…but i think we could stand to move a little more! HOPE I WIN!! 🙂

  23. Pretty please with sugar on top.

  24. Ice cream, a penny a lump.
    The more you eat the more you jump!

    I think this double-dutch rhyme would work while monkeying around on the Wii 🙂

  25. I would love to win this game, that way I won’t feel too bad when I realize how uncoordinated I am (as evidenced by my woeful Dance Dance Revolution playing)!

  26. looks like lots of family fun!!!

  27. Ohh….me want! It’s my birthday week so random number generator, pick me! *giggles*

  28. It is about time I get off the couch. LOL. Looks like fun. Thanks for the contest!

  29. Mario Kart makes my thumbs hurt, which probably indicates a shocking lack of finger fitness. (Oh, you should see me text-message. Painfully slow. 90 year olds could probably text faster than I do.)

    Oh, what? This is about a contest? Yes, I’d like to win this game bundle.

  30. Me, please!

  31. Sounds fun!

  32. Oh sweet. I promise not to swear at you Mir if we win this game

  33. My couch-potato kids need this!

  34. OOH! I wanna put myself in traction, please!

  35. Cinderella dressed in yellow
    Went upstairs to kiss a fellow
    Made a mistake and kissed a snake
    How many doctors did it take?

    This one may not be the best, but it’s the most vivid one in my memory. 😉

  36. Would love this!!!

  37. I would love this……me pls!!

  38. My husband figured out he cold play Wii Fit bowling while sitting down. This looks like it’ll definitely get us off the couch!

  39. I so want one of these!! I want to see my son do it!

  40. Sounds like a great way to stay active on rainy days! (Sorry nothing but rain here lately…on the brain)

  41. I have been dying to try this out. Thanks!

  42. Yes, please! Thank you.

  43. Oooh hope the random number generator picks me 😉 This sounds like a lot of fun! I never mastered double-dutch so unfortunately do not have a rhyme.

  44. I read all of Kira’s posts about this product( which I still can’t say right so I am not even going to try) which made me extremely jealous. I would love to have this.

  45. This looks like something that my nephews would LOVE. Help me win cool-aunt points!

  46. The family would love this! Thanks for the chance to win!

  47. Woohoo work it Wii:)

  48. Bubble gum, bubble gum,
    In a dish.
    How many pieces do you wish?

    There. Now pick me, please.

  49. My family would have so much fun with this!!!

  50. Oooh Ooooooh Pick me! What’s double dutch? Seriously, what is it?

  51. Please pick me!

  52. Oh fun!

    Painful, but fun!

  53. Ohhh, this is on our family Christmas list…

  54. Yes!!

  55. My special, original, double dutch rhyme for your contest, Mir…

    We have a Wii, and many Miis
    We play our Wii with our daughter
    We wish we had some more fun games
    Twenty Five, Fifty, Seventy Five a Dollar!

    (ok…I said it was special and original…not GOOD! LOL)

  56. OH How I have been lusting after this!!! Would make all the other times of not winning completely ok 🙂

  57. Oh me please! My nephew would adore it… 🙂

  58. this looks like it would be Great Fun 🙂

  59. Adding my name to the list!

  60. I have had this on my Amazon wish list since the beginning of the year. This would be great to have!!

  61. Ooooh, Pick Me!!! Because apparently, dog walking isn’t enough exercise for the likes of me!!! And I need to teach my daughter all about double dutch!!!

  62. Pick me, pick me!

  63. This is great!

  64. I love anything that starts with Extreme!

  65. So very shiny, and PRETTY!

  66. Ooooooh, pick us!! My family would LOVE this game!

  67. please pick me

  68. Would LOVE to win this, and supplement our Wii bowling habit with something more balanced. That, you know, works more than just our right shoulders…

  69. Down in the valley where the green grass grows.
    There sat Mir sweet as a rose.
    She sang, she sang, she sang so sweet.
    Along came hubby and kissed her on the cheek.

  70. Sign me up! Sound fun!

  71. This would be SOOO much fun and we’re looking for ways for our son to still get his Wii fix but kick the Mario or Lego Starwars/Indian Jones monkey. And this may do the trick!

  72. Please send this to me. I recently heard or read a news item talking about the Wii. The man interviewed said that the only “fat housewives” have Wiis. I was really annoyed. Then I realized that maybe I am a fat housewife???? AUGH!!!! I resemble that remark! Please Mir, my wii is collecting dust and I would love to prove that jerk wrong!

  73. That looks like fun!

  74. Always up for a new wii game, especially if there’s any chance I can beat my 12-year-old!

  75. comment!

  76. oooo fun gift idea!! Pick me pick me!!

  77. Sounds like fun. I want to play!

  78. I’ve been avoiding this game but now feel like the universe is trying to tell me something.

  79. This sounds like a lot more fun than the treadmill!

  80. Awesome! Sounds like fun!

  81. Oh, I hope we win! We’ve been playing Wii fit and Wii sports and Wii sports resort, and I read everyone one of Kira’s review posts but have thus far been afraid of looking like a total doofus so have not sprung for it yet. My kids would love it. I would have have to play it in the deep dark of night when no one is watching…

  82. a comment

  83. i’m old. i have monkey-ish offspring. i’ve, ummm, seen people doing double dutch. i’m in.

  84. My boys will be getting a Wii for Christmas from Santa…another game would be great!

  85. Yes, Please!!!!!!

  86. Love these contests!

  87. I need the burn! 🙂

  88. Awesome prize! I hope I’m the lucky winner!

  89. This could be hysterical at our house…

  90. We would LOVE this!!!

  91. I’m always up for a free “exercise” game!

  92. Oh yea!! I am in!!

  93. come on! It’s my turn

  94. Count me in PLEASE!!!

  95. I’ve been reading Kira’s comments, too, and coveting this game. I hope I win!

  96. looks like fun!

  97. I would love to win – choose me please!

  98. sounds like loads of fun!

  99. Me! Me!

  100. If I win, I guess I’ll need to get a Wii. Or give it to my niece and nephew for Christmas.

  101. Sounds like great fun!

  102. My turn pretty please! 🙂

  103. My family would love this!

  104. Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

  105. I want this one!!!!

  106. This is a NEED not a want! 🙂

  107. Keeping our fingers crossed!

  108. Our family of 7 would love this one!!!

  109. Looks like fun. Thanks!

  110. I’d love to win!

  111. Anything that would get my couch potato son (and ok, myself) moving would be a GOOD thing.

  112. I like coffee
    I like tea
    I like *Mir* to jump with me

    One, two, three, pick me!

  113. I’m interested in pain. 🙂 Seriously, we need a new way to workout with our Wii.


  114. I’ll try to win this, knowing that if I do my 5 year old nephew will undoubtedly kick my ass at it!

  115. NO. WAY.
    Awesome fun! My Wii fit keeps remarking about how long between visits…sigh…

  116. MUST HAVE THIS! It looks so cool!

  117. sounds good! Sign me up please!

  118. I’d love to win! We need a game for our Wii!

  119. we woul love this!

  120. (Eeyore mode on)

    Well, not that I would ever win it, but I don’t have anything better to do so I guess I’ll comment…

    (Eeyore mode still on)

  121. oh oh oh me please. I’ve just started playing wii at the in laws and love it. We’re playing Wii play as we speak

  122. Thanks for the chance, Mir!

  123. O My Gosh. I would love one of these

  124. Pick me!! 🙂

  125. Thank you

  126. After Kira’s posts, I had kind of decided to get this for my kids for Christmas. But if I win it, it will be like a gift for ME too!

  127. I would be THRILLED to win!

  128. Please enter me!

  129. Seashells, cockyl shells ee-vee-eye-vee over…
    Cinderella, dressed in yella, went upstairs to kiss her fella.
    Made a mistake, kissed a snake, ended up with a belly ache…

    And I have no idea what a cockyl shell is, but that’s how we used to sing it!

    Hope I win, but if not, thanks for the jump rope trip down memory lane!

  130. I would love to win this!!!

  131. Sounds like fun! I’d love to win!

  132. yes, I have been wanting to get this game for a while now but never see it anywhere

  133. Thanks Mir!

  134. Looks like fun!! 🙂

  135. Oooh, pick me please!

  136. Oh please and thank you!!!

  137. That looks like ridiculous amounts of fun. Me, me, me! Although, I’m solo parenting for a while longer as my husband is in Afghanistan. I might have to keep it in the box until he gets back to keep me from injuring myself….

  138. Active is just what my family needs–and less flailing would be good….thanks!

  139. This would be perfect for staying active in the middle of a dreary Indiana winter. Fingers crossed!

  140. Gotta love the Wii!

  141. I’ve been reading Kira’s posts, too. We need this!! We’ve gotten bored trash talking each other on the Wii Fit, so this would fill that gap well.

  142. Thanks Mir!

  143. Sounds so cool- I’ve heard good things about this.

  144. Oooh! Pick me please! This sounds awesome!

  145. Sounds like fun. thanks!

  146. Fun!

  147. This sounds like fun!

  148. My boys and I would love this!

  149. I’m in! Hubby turns 40 this year and Wii is what I got him…he’d love this:)

  150. I never could double-dutch… but I’d love to win this prize!

  151. way cool!

  152. This looks like a ton of family fun!

  153. Bwa-ha-ha!!! “…your arms get a workout from the steering…” Hilarious!

    This game looks like crazy fun. I mean, only if it doesn’t kill you. 🙂

  154. Meeeeeeeeeee!

  155. We’ve got Wii fever!

  156. Oh yeah! My family and I are really wanting this…so…pick me pick me random picker!!

  157. I have a little boy full of boundless energy. This game sounds like a perfect solution!

  158. I would love to win this game for my family even if it means lots of aches & pains

  159. Pick me.

  160. Sounds very cool. Fingers crossed…

  161. I’ve been eyeing this game!

  162. We’ve been wanting, and needing, this!

  163. Would be an awesome Christmas gift! Thanks!

  164. Oh, this sounds like so much fun!!

  165. Oooh, this would be COOL!

  166. this sounds like perfect gift for this disabled widow to give to her grandson.oh how i would love to win!!!

  167. would love it for the squirrelly kids (& me!)
    thanks for the contest!

  168. This would be a great homeschooling tool ~ teaching the proper usage of colorful words.

  169. Fun and free! Awesome!

  170. Would love it for our Wii!

  171. I am not old, just differently aged…

  172. The Wii — it hurts so good!

  173. sounds like fun!

  174. WANT. (Would be more articulate, but have a paper due.)

  175. Ooh, fun! I’d love to try it out!

  176. This looks very cool!!!

  177. ooh! pick me!

  178. Choose me!

  179. I would love to win this SO MUCH.

  180. I would like to try it out. Sounds like fun.

  181. I hope I win! =) Yay Wii!

  182. Oh man, my knee is still hurting from the time several months ago when I played Outdoor Life Active Challenge with my kids. Didn’t even know I’d hurt myself till the next day. Still, they’d enjoy the extreme version of the game.

  183. Cool count me in!!

  184. Sure – I’ve got masochistic streak – what the heck!

  185. That would be cool!

  186. i never get chosen for anything…but here’s me trying again. we just got a wii! i want it! 🙂

  187. me please =)

  188. Yes, yes!!

  189. Bring it! I want to kick my husband’s butt! So far he rules at all the Wii games (except drums and boxing, where I have the lead). Fun!

  190. Sounds like fun. Sign me up!

  191. Fun! I’ll always call it “Extreme Flailing”

  192. I love the wii – pick me…

  193. Not last night, but the night before….

    Pick me!

  194. OOoo, pick me, pick me!!! 🙂

  195. Oh…..I wish I wish I wish I could win one of your contests!! Maybe this one!?!? 🙂

  196. I never win these things, but I might as well enter anyway. Pick me!

  197. Kira had me intrigued too, but free is best!

  198. Mario Kart is by far the favorite around here too . . . we could use some active fun!

  199. this sounds like a ton of fun!

  200. Me please!

  201. thanks goodness you clarified on the double dutch thing – I fail at rhyme. But I really want to win this! Come on random number generator!

  202. sounds like a blast! Love to try it out!

  203. I’ve been interested reading about this online too.

  204. I would love to win!

  205. Sounds like fun!

  206. This would be great!

  207. My kid is a limber monkey too, but this sounds fun.

  208. I’d love one, then I can have the records on something, briefly, at least until my 19 year old comes home from college to break them all.

  209. Awesome! My 3rd wedding anniversary is on the 16th, this would be the perfect gift!

  210. this old mother of two limber monkeys would love an active life extreme challenge!!

  211. I think the random number generator should totally pick me because my birthday is on the 24th and this would be fabulous and bet a fun way to get in some exercise. Also, I think your pretty and smart 🙂

  212. Man, oh man, I want this one!

  213. Oohhh Oohhh!! Pick me. Oh please pick me!

  214. Oh, I want this so bad I can TASTE it! If I could pick ANYTHING to win in my streak of unwinningness, THIS is what I would pick! Oh, Magical Random Number Generator….GENERATE MY NUMBER, PLEASE!!!

  215. Sounds like fun!

  216. Please choose me, RNG.

  217. Sounds fun!

  218. Sounds like so much fun, my grandkids would love it!

  219. Wiiiiiiii! 🙂

  220. wii game that makes you hurt?? Yes please. 🙂

  221. You always have the best contests! Thanks!

  222. Great giveaway!!!!

  223. *throwing my hat in the ring*

    This game sounds awesome. Please include me. Great contest!

  224. Oh, yes, please. Very much!

  225. We got a Wii Fit and it still hasn’t been used. This new thing should get a rise out of the youngins.

  226. “extreme flailing” can pretty much sum up any attempt I have ever made at an athletic activity…therefore I need this game.

  227. Apples on a stick just make me sick,
    Make my heart go two forty six,
    Not because I’m dirty
    Not because I’m clean,
    Just because I kissed a boy behind a magazine!

    Hope I win!

  228. Oh we have wanted this game ever since we saw the ad for it! Please please pick us!!!!

  229. I would love to win!

  230. Ummmm…all of my rhymes are taken, it looks like. I guess I’ll just enter without a double-dutch rhyme. *sniffles*


  231. Pick me!

  232. would love to own one …sounds like fun !

  233. better than Mario Cart. . .I don’t think so.

  234. Sounds like a fun game!

  235. sounds fun!

  236. I love a little wii

  237. I’d lvoe this!

  238. Sounds like fun! Plus it might convince me to boot up the Wii a little more often rather than napping on the couch … (note to self, skip nap and get to bed on time tomorrow)

  239. Pick me! My soon to be 9 year old would love it!

  240. Oooh, sounds great! Count me in 🙂

  241. I have not heard of this bundle before. It sounds SO fun! Oh, how I would love to win it!!!!

  242. hey it’s worth a shot!

  243. It’s my birthday and I need something to distract me from DDR2! I bet I could have a wii bit of fun with it!

  244. thanks!!!!

  245. Woohooo! I’m old AND out of shape! 😛

  246. I’d love to try this game.

  247. This would be a great birthday gift for my son!

  248. Oh, me! I’d love to try it!

  249. I desperately need something that might get me to do some exercise – I hope I win!

  250. one day i will win

  251. interesting… might be worth a shot! 🙂

  252. “The typing, it burns” made me snort chocolate milk through my nose.

    I really need to win this contest, to make up for my sinuses. 🙂

  253. I’m not sure I know any double=dutch rhymes nor have I ever entered a contest before. I think I will start. Thanks, Mir-

  254. yes, pick me!

  255. We are buying our first video console EVER and it’s going to be a Wii

  256. That sounds fun!

  257. OOH, OOH Me please!

  258. Sounds fun!

  259. Hmmm. I bought the Wii Fit to get some exercise, but haven’t used it yet. Maybe if I win this I’ll actually use it? Pick me please!

  260. me me me me me

  261. Exxxxtreme!

  262. We are always looking for more fun family games. We just spent the night playing battleship and sliders!

  263. cool!

  264. That would be great! Thanks

  265. I’m in. Thanks Mir!

  266. Oh this sounds fun! My kids would love it!

  267. Yes, please.

  268. That would be so sweet! Yes, please, oh pretty one.

    I’ve got nothing on the double dutch rhyming…sorry.

  269. Sounds like a great Christmas gift.

  270. I’d love to play this and make a fool of myself!

  271. Well…
    Hello Operator! Please give me number nine,
    and if you disconnect me I’ll be kickin’ your–
    behind the ‘fridgerator, there was a piece of glass,
    Miss Susie fell upon it, and broke her little–
    ask me no more questions, and tell me no more lies,
    it’s a story ’bout Miss Susie, who wasn’t very nice!

    I’m sure it’s a little different than I remember, but that was my favorite as a kid because it was ALMOST naughty! 🙂

  272. yes, please!

  273. I’d love to play this and so would the rest of the family. Please pick me!!

  274. I’m feeling lucky!

  275. Please!

  276. Ohhh…this sounds like so much fun!!!

  277. Me!! Pick Me!!!

  278. Needing some new Wii fun!

  279. Me, please, please, please!?!

  280. We love wii!!

  281. Oooooh……me me me me..and my kids too of course!

  282. I would love this!!!

  283. My son would LOVE that!

  284. very cool, although the words active and/or extreme aren’t a part of my vocabulary… but curious none the less!

  285. Ooh, methinks the boys would have waaayyyy too much fun with this! 🙂

  286. We love our Wii–this game seems right up our alley!

  287. I’d love to win!

  288. Sounds like a great game for our family.

  289. ooooh, we’d love a new wii game!

  290. Two birthdays here next week…we’d love to win this! 😉

  291. I hope I win, and that the wii gets back from the shop so we can play.

  292. My daughter’s bday today… and that game looks cool!

  293. Enter meeee!

    ( Dear Mir, I hope to be a regular commenter soon… Been catching up on your archives, been quite a journey! In January 2008 now, hope to be current shortly. Then I’ll say lots of things. Maybe some of them will be worth reading!)

  294. to heck with the kids I REALLY, REALLY want this for me!

  295. One, two put on my shoes
    three, four close the doors
    five, six pickup wii sticks
    seven, eight this game would be great
    nine, ten lets try to win again

    This would be a great prize!! Pick me please!!

  296. We need this for Christmas! Pick me, uh, I mean us.

  297. I want to play…please!

  298. Sounds like a great thing for Friday night family fun nite!!

  299. We love our Wii. Fingers are crossed.

  300. Looks like fun..

  301. Ohhhh… This looks like another Christmas gift. Pick me.. so Santa doesn’t have to shop.


  302. Hmm. I flail pretty well, but Extreme Flailing might be better exercise!

  303. I am all over this!

  304. Calling in, calling out,
    Mir runs in when I run out!

  305. Dear Mir,
    Sounds like so much fun 🙂

  306. something new for fun! yeah!

  307. Wow! Sounds like just the thing for Santa to bring the family. Fingers crossed.

  308. Great! Santa Claus will be bringing us a Wii for Christmas, and it would be nice to have something to do on it. Thanks!

  309. I would love one of these. Thanks for the opportunity Mir.

  310. I am all in!

  311. me, please!

  312. We’re mario kart addicts, too. We should probably get more wii games that make us actually MOVE.

  313. We played this at a friend’s and LOVED IT!!!

  314. Waving my hand like the obnoxious know it all in the classroom.

  315. I so need this for my Wii 🙂

  316. I’ve been reading Kira, too, and it sounds like SO MUCH FUN!

  317. I would love this!

  318. I would love this to help me get more use out of my Wii!

  319. I would love it more!

  320. This would be a perfect addition to my collection.

  321. Anything to get me off the couch!!

  322. Me!

  323. My husband would love this…

  324. Wow! What a great prize!

  325. Sounds fun

  326. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these!

  327. I so desperately need this!

  328. Oh please pick me!!!

  329. This would give me the perfect excuse to buy a Wii!

  330. Yippee! Thanks for the chance, Mir.

  331. That would be so fun for Christmas!!

  332. This would be great!

  333. This sounds like so much fun!!

  334. This looks like fun!

  335. Wii games are as dull as toast;
    but Husband things they are The Most…

    Climb and jump and make you sore?
    He won’t think that it’s a bore.

    I’ll sit my rear upon the couch
    And watch him writhe and reach and crouch.

    (Oh man, that’s bad stuff there. Sorry.)

  336. Crossing my fingers! I SOOOOO want to win this!!!

  337. As a family of couch potatoes, we need this!

  338. At least I will have fun before I end up on the couch with sore muscles…

  339. This looks really fun! Sign me up!

  340. *crossing fingers*

    I’m due for a little burn. Thanks!

  341. I have flab to burn!

  342. I’m in.

  343. We need a break from Mario Kart.

  344. So cool . . .

  345. Count me in

  346. Oooh, this looks like fun!

  347. pick me, pick me!

  348. Oh, I’d love to win this! Thank you!

  349. I love coffee. I love tea.
    I love the boys. And the boys love me.

    Would like to have more fun with the wii bundle! Thanks.

  350. Okay – entering a contest – keeping my fingers crossed!


  351. Oooh, this would be amazing! Yes, please!

  352. WHOO HOOO!!!!

  353. My birthday is Friday and this would be great as a present for meeeeeee. I may let the children play. Not sure yet.

  354. winner winner chicken dinner!

  355. We love wii and anything that would remind me of how old I am getting would just be great!!!

  356. definitely getting one of these for Christmas, unless of course, I could WIN this one. I would be Merry extra early this year.

  357. My husband is a chiropractor, so basically I just need to win this game and I’m set! Woohoo! Bring it!

  358. ME ME ME!!
    I’ve had this in my Amazon cart for 2 months now waiting for the price to drop…obviously it HASN’T!


  359. Pick me! My family would love this!

  360. I better put my chiropracter on speed dial!

  361. I am definitely winning this time! (testing the power of positive thinking)

  362. Sounds awesome! I know my kids would love to try it out!

  363. My daughter and I would love this!

  364. I’m ready, and have the chiro on speed dial!

  365. We need a new game to try out besides Mario Kart, my kids would love this.

  366. My family likes the sports games (golf, tennis, baseball, bowling). This would be a fun addition!

  367. Looks like fun!!

  368. I want one. Pick me!

  369. This looks fantastic! Would LOVE to win for my kiddos whose birthdays are both this month!!!

  370. Yeah! We need a new game to refresh our love for our Wii and this sounds perfect!

  371. I’d love it!

  372. Please?

  373. My family would love this too!

  374. We Wii!

  375. pick me!

  376. My kids and I would love to win this!

  377. We would LOVE this!!!

  378. This would be fun for us!

  379. I would LOVE to win this!!

  380. count me in!

  381. hey, please put my name in the hat for this one!

  382. Wow, I have a slim chance but I have to try! LOVE THE WII

  383. I’m all for flailing.

    Thanks, Mir!

  384. I would love this

  385. I want one, I want one!

  386. Count me in!

  387. Ooh! Pick me, pick me! (Why do I feel like Dory? Ah well, Ellen Degeneres would want one of these too. )

  388. We would love it, we love you, your pretty!

  389. Sounds fun!

  390. I’m pretty sure I should not challenge my kids in this. But I’ve always been a glutton…..

  391. would love love love this!

  392. Wow-great prize! Would like one.

  393. count me in, Thanks Mir

  394. We would love to try this!

  395. That would be awesome! I would love to try it.

  396. Oh Yes . . . would love to turn over a new leaf!
    -The Sloth

  397. WooHoo fun!

  398. My kids would love this. And it would be a FREE Christmas present! 🙂

  399. We are in a workout slump and this would be great help!

  400. random nuber picker Pick ME!! Please 🙂


  401. I’m in. Although my favorite wii game so far is the one where you ride the cow, knock over scarecrows , and race to the finish line.

  402. oh, I love playing wii with the kids… this would be a rockin’ Christmas gift for them.

  403. Please pick me!! Would be lovely!

  404. Please please please!

  405. Ohh, me, me pick me! We do love us some Wii!

  406. Looks fun…great giveaway!

  407. hope rises eternal. This would be a nice Christmas gift!

  408. awesome!! pick my generator!!

  409. My family would LOVE this!!!!!!!

  410. too fun! winter is coming…need something to keep us active!

  411. My friends and I would love this for game night.
    We love the Wii!!

  412. Looks fun!

  413. I really need to get more active and since I wasn’t picked for The Biggest Loser, I figure this is the next best thing.

  414. cinderella dressed in yella…

    oh, number generator pick meeeeee!

  415. Oooooo cool! I just laid eyes on an actual Wii last weekend for the first time – I’m a little embarrassed to be admitting that… 😉

  416. count me in please!

  417. Sounds like fun!

  418. we already have wii bowling and hula hoop parties – this so needs to be added to the mix!!!

  419. fingers crossed for a wii for the son going to college….. Not sure about the rules if you already won something if you have to wait to try for something else at a later date. hrmmm hope not.

  420. I need a new Wii game, especially one that gets me off my butt and burns off this baby fat! 🙂

  421. Yes, please!

  422. Please pick me.

  423. Fun! I’d love to stash this in my Christmas surprises!

  424. I’d love this!

  425. Now that the weather is beginning to cool some the thoughts go back to the Wii that gets neglected in the summer. (Its a good thing!) We would love to win this – the winters get long here in Michigan 🙂

  426. Why not? Maybe it will help me get back into my jeans:)

  427. We love family Wii games!

  428. oh my gosh, this looks like so much fun!

  429. We don’t have a Wii but it would get an entire family crossed off on my Christmas list which would be awesome. Thanks for the great contests, pretty Mir.

  430. Does Random Number Selector even count this high?

  431. Oh boy do I ever need this!!! Please oh please oh pretty, pretty plese!

    Did I mention you’re pretty, and have shiny, pretty hair?

  432. Me!! I want to win!!

  433. Awesome! Need something new to get my butt back into exercise mode.

  434. Oh me me me! Santa is bringing my kids a Wii and we need this!

  435. Pretty please?

  436. This would be great! Thanks!

  437. Thanks Mir, this would be a neat thing to have.

  438. FUN….only dreaming!

  439. Sounds like our families have similar ideas about the meaning of the word “exercise”!

  440. Please–pick me! excercise that’s fun!

  441. I need something new to do with my grandson. He says that I’m boring.

  442. Wow! We just got a Wii so I am new to this. We would love to have another game!!

  443. This would be a lot of fun!

  444. Pick me!

  445. Sounds like a fun game, here’s hoping I win!!

  446. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH I am in just before the deadline! This would be awesome for us!

  447. Fun, fun, fun! We would love this.

  448. Looks like fun!

  449. I love Wii…I’ve been wanting one for a while. We’re the type of family that sits around and laughs at those who are playing…especially me and my mom (get laughed at!). It’s all in love, right?? 🙂

  450. We could always use another Wii game. 🙂

  451. I have heard such great things about this! Now I just need my wii back from my sister! 🙁

  452. Would love to share this with my aunt!

  453. Pick me! According to my 7 year old we are the only ones in the world who don’t have a wii and we neeeeeeeed one.

  454. Wii can never pass up a free game!!

  455. OHH OHH OHHH!!!! We would LOVE it as our first one ever!

  456. We love our Wii! I sooo hope I win this one!!!!!

  457. Hey… down here! *waves* Pick me 😉

  458. From all those yummies I really need something to hold in my tummy.

    Muffin Top

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