Ship it to me (free)

By Mir
September 23, 2009

Today and tomorrow (September 23rd and 24th), get free shipping at Eddie Bauer with coupon code FREESEPT. There’s still that weird $3 handling fee they’re so fond of, but at least the shipping fee itself will zero out.

While I’m a fan of EB’s clothes, I’m a fool for their gadgets section. I mean, who doesn’t need a flashlight with a built-in world clock? Okay, maybe that’s a poor example. Check out those head lamps that are $10 with any purchase. As far as my kids are concerned, that’s pretty much the reason to go camping, right there, so that you’ll have an excuse to wear your head lamp.

(Hey, I never said we were normal.)


  1. Yes, but do they have a battery-operated pith helmet with fan, that also makes great fries?

  2. I could have sworn my husband wanted slippers from Eddie Bauer, but I can’t for the life of me find any on the site…

  3. Maybe I’m thinking of one of those other rugged outdoorsy companies that send us catalogs in the mail?

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