That’s the way, uh huh uh huh, she likes it

By Mir
September 24, 2009

Like most tweens attending public school in our fine country, my daughter loves absolutely everything that comes from Justice for Girls. We, uh, don’t always see eye-to-eye on whether or not all of the things they offer are appropriate for young ladies (ahem), but I do find that some of their stuff is cute and it always makes for excellent bargaining chips. (Also—did I mention this before?—they’re one of the only places I’ve found which carries training bras in beige, which is useful if your daughter wears a white uniform shirt. Just saying.)

Anyway, they’ve got a new coupon available; use code 776 for 40% off your entire order, through September 29th, 2009. That brings their prices down to affordability, and makes it a lot easier for you to be the Cool Mom.


  1. The term training bra always cracks me up. I think mine must still be in training.

  2. Mine still are.. I found a training bra the other day (on accident, got lost in a store) that was LARGER than mine small A cup. I was upset.

  3. Ooh, thanks! I need this. My daughter suddenly only wants to dress in Justice, and I cannot get into that quality for those prices. Bring back my gymboreeeeee!

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