I know her secret

By Mir
September 29, 2009

Today (September 29th, 2009) only, Victoria’s Secret is offering free shipping on any order—just use coupon code FREESHIP.

I’m not a big fan of their stuff, but maybe you are. And why pay shipping if you don’t have to?

[Her secret is plastic surgery, by the way. Obviously.]


  1. Victoria’s other secret is that she doesn’t bother to stock my bra size, so she’s no use to me for underwear. But the clothes are very cute… if you need me, I’ll be in the clearance section.

  2. Victoria’s other secret is that she only puts her stuff on the top .01% best looking women in the world. Oh, wait, I guess that is not technically a secret.

  3. Oh, hey! They don’t have my bra size either! Weird!

  4. Okay, I hate to give Vicki credit as much as anyone, but I must say, her bras are the only ones that fit me. And I do not look a thing like those stick figures they call models. The bras aren’t cheap (and maybe that’s why they fit), but I love them. With the free shipping, I’m going to try some undies and see about those.

    And yay! The FREESHIP code also works for APO addresses!

  5. Their body sprays fit me just fine! Thanks, Mir!

  6. I can only get my favorite bra from the website (local stores don’t seem to ever have my size in stock!), AND it’s on sale, so DOUBLE score…thank you, lovely Mir!

  7. Thanks, Mir! I’ve had a $10 rewards card that I needed to use, and now I don’t have to travel to the store because of the free shipping. I love that! I also found my item on sale 🙂 Happy shopping day!

  8. Her REAL secret is that she is flat as a board!!! Seriously, she doesn’t make anything in my size either (cup, band is fine if i want to spill out the top) and everything that she does make is padded…. Suspicious isn’t it.

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