By Mir
October 6, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I am deeply suspicious of mineral make-up, because I have some mineral blush that I cannot seem to apply without ending up looking like Raggedy Ann. But I’ll admit that this may well be a personal problem. I know lots of women who love the mineral stuff, though, and to them I say: Can you show me how the heck to put this blush on?

Oh, wait. No I don’t. To them I say: Check out today’s Screaming Deal at Overstock.com, because it’s a Bare Escentuals mineral make up set for $19.99 shipped (a $45 value). It’s got pots of make up as well as some nice brushes, and I’m sure you’ll look beautiful.

I’ll just be over here in the corner with my nice, safe lip balm. I hardly ever screw that up.


  1. The ads are always alluring, but I’m pretty sure I’d mess it up too!

  2. I’m not sure it makes me look flawless, etc like the ads, but I do like my mineral makeup and I’m very low maintenance. (I like that if I fall asleep without washing my face, ie every night, its okay) That’s a great deal – if I was in the market for more, I’d totally get it – so if you are interested at all I’d get it. (Though I notice its not the basics like foundation its more eye stuff, so just note that if you are buying).

  3. I got suckered into buying a set by one of those late night infomercials (yes, I should have known better…!). The dreams of having flawless skin by simply brushing powder on was just too tempting. Most of it ended up all over my bathroom sink than on my face. It just was never meant to be for me. I’ll buy “Mineral Make-up for Dummies” whenever that comes out!

  4. LOVE Bare Escentuals! Yes, it does make a difference if applied correctly.

  5. Mir, you’re so pretty anyway – but try putting blush on with a big, fluffy brush, and make sure to tap off the excess powder. That should give you a better finish. 🙂

  6. Love the stuff. I could never stand to wear foundation until I discovered it. With the blush, less is more. Use a very soft brush, dip gently, shake off the excess, rub the brush against the lid to evenly spread what is left, and brush gently against the cheeks. Perfect. It also helps to use the correct shade with your skin tone.

  7. I use and like the Bare Escentuals make up, too. The blush is my least favorite, but I remind myself to use a “light” hand with it! Otherwise, I do like the way the powders look on my skin. Thanks for the deal – gotta check it out, if for nothing other than new brushes.

  8. that’s a great deal esp because it includes the Buxom lip gloss! love that stuff! it has something tingly in it that’s supposed to make your lips plumped up…not sure if it really does that but the colors are yummy and it feels delicious!

  9. I’m a day late (and a dollar short, so being late is a good thing), but I love BE’s stuff. Specifically, I love the way my skin feels when I take it *off*. Only make up products that actually improved the quality of my skin.

    Fortunately, the initial foundation kit I bought came with a CD that showed you how to apply everything (I’m a make up klutz).

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