The Want Not Review: SmartMouth Mouthwash

By Mir
October 15, 2009
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People, I get a lot of pitches. Tons. I seem to be on every PR list in these consumer-oriented United States. And sometimes I get pitched something that makes complete sense for Want Not—a new coupon service, or some bargain product—but the majority if the time, I am pitched things that make no sense whatsoever.

There’s the Did You Not Read The Site fails: These include invitations to couture shows, $150/tube mascara, or new information about luxury getaway holidays.

And then there’s the Dear God No, Just Stop fails: This morning, for example, someone pitched me a (make-up) concealer… for the feet. I already have concealer for my feet—they’re called shoes. (See also: Really? No, c’mon now… really?)

But occasionally I get a pitch for something that ends up being interesting. And so it was when a nice gentleman asked me if I’d like to try SmartMouth mouthwash. At first I was all, “Mouthwash? Um, no thanks.” But then he said it would prevent bad breath for 12 hours at a time and I said, “Okay, I don’t believe you. Send me a sample.”

Is Want Not a blog about mouthwash? More specifically, is Want Not a blog about mouthwash that’s really expensive? No. Obviously. But I’ve always said I’m not just about cheap, I’m about quality; so if this stuff does what it says it does, well, that’s worth knowing about, I think.

SmartMouth says it uses “clinically proven zinc ion technology.” I say SmartMouth uses the ground up remains of magical fairies, because this stuff is unreal. Like, crazy, waitaminute, what exactly did I put in my mouth-level unreal.

Allow me to explain: I used it one night before bed, after brushing my teeth. And in the morning? No morning breath. I mean (and you are going to be so delighted I shared this with you, but we’re all friends here), my teeth still felt a little fuzzy in the morning and obviously needed to be brushed, but my breath smelled… neutral. Which was weird.

Upon using it again, that morning (again, after brushing), I noticed that nothing I ate that day lingered on my breath. And I ate spicy Indian leftovers for lunch, too. And… nothing. I didn’t smell minty all day, but neither did I find myself thinking, “Wow, I need to chew a piece of gum or go brush” as I would, normally.

Whatever that zinc ion technology is, they’ve nailed it. They have turned this skeptic into a believer.

SmartMouth is a lot more expensive than regular mouthwash. I am cheap, and I don’t suffer from a chronic halitosis issue, so the chances of me buying this to replace my regular, daily mouthwash are somewhere between slim and none. That said, two things:

1) The directions call for mixing four pumps from each bottle for every rinse session. I found two pumps from each bottle seemed like plenty. So I’ll get twice as much usage from this set as I’m “supposed” to.

2) I will likely now save the SmartMouth for special occasions like days when I have job interviews, speaking engagements, or hot dates. (Note to husband: Wanna go on a hot date? I have magical mouthwash!) The “no morning breath” thing is nice but really, who cares; on the other hand, the “no lingering food smells” thing could be amazing on a day when you have to eat with people and impress them.

Bottom line: SmartMouth does what it says it does. I think this is too expensive for mere mortals to use as a daily mouthwash unless you regularly roll around in money, but it’s probably worth the investment to use for select occasions. And I will definitely keep an eye out for it to come down in price.


  1. The only thing that concerns me is the zinc thing. I know that Zicam nasal gel contained zinc, and it was removed from the shelves after it was discovered (proven) to cause damage to the olfactory system. I’d be kind of concerned at something that really DID quell bad breath for that long a period.

  2. Heh. It’s entirely possible that I’ve been a mother too long because my first thought when reading the header was that you found a product to stop children from smart mouthing their moms! Now I can’t stop thinking of marketing slogans and doing really bad voiceovers to cheesy commericals in my head.

  3. I am just floored that there is concealer for your feet. I do have ugly feet, but Vwhat?

  4. This is totally the kind of thing I would have used for *ahem* Special Occasions in my dating days: morning breath was something I was HUGELY CONCERNED about.

  5. I wonder if would help the 10YO. He does brush, but wow, he can still knock me over with his nasty breath.

  6. I wonder if it would help chronically-infected-sinuses breath, which emit from depths no normal mouthwash can reach. Oops, TMI!

    Maybe they’ll feel inspired to let you GIVE some away to us in a contest. 😀

  7. I’ve tried this product w/the corresponding toothpaste and I’ve found I like Dr. Katz’s Therabreath system much better. I thought the smartmouth mouthwash left a funny aftertaste after a while but the Therabreath was much more neutral.

  8. Zinc ion? Sounds like a battery to me. You did say this was a powerful mouthwash.

  9. Hmm, maybe it’s not really controlling your breath, it’s just messing with your sense of smell! 🙂

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