Friday, all day (hey hey)

By Mir
October 16, 2009

We’ve come to the end of another week! Well, nearly. We’re almost there. And today, shopping the Amazon Friday Sale is going to be even better than before, because you totally signed up for free Prime yesterday, right? Right.

If you missed this labeler when it was $12 at earlier this week, now you can get it from Amazon for $18. It’s not as good of a deal, of course, but if it’s the one you really, really want….

Ooooh, my favorite Oxo tooli lights are down to $28 today. These are great as a new baby gift, and then as the kid grows she’ll use them for years.

Aaaaaaand… oh, Amazon. You’re killing me. A girl can’t look forward to this all week long and then see mostly all the same stuff as last week, plus a few other things that, hello, aren’t really on that big of a sale. Hmph.

Amazon’s saving grace today is that they’re having a toy sale, and if you poke around in there, there’s some great deals. Like, say, this double slip-n-slide for $6.50. Tuck that bad boy away for next summer. Or if you got in on yesterday’s dollhouse deal and need some furniture, check out the Hannah Montana Malibu Living Room or Malibu House Bedroom, both marked down to just $9.77 apiece.

Or, yum, how about a flower mold ice cream sandwich maker toy for under $5? “Hey, kid! Fix me an ice cream sandwich!” (Not that I would do that.) (Who am I kidding? I would totally do that.)

And what little girl wouldn’t want a dream town castle and princess clothes so that she can rule her own kingdom? Down to $65, and currently still $120 at Target.

For what it’s worth, I would never give this handheld Access Hollywood game to a kid, but I would definitely stick it in the stocking of my favorite celebaholic as a joke.

Okay, Amazon. You’ve redeemed yourself through toys. I hope we’ve all learned a lesson, here.

Have a great Friday, everyone!


  1. bah on amazon.
    not even any grocery deals.

  2. I had one heck of a time getting signed up for the 3 month Prime trial shipping offer. Finally figured out that it only worked for me using a street address, not a PO Box. In case that helps anyone else. . . Thanks Mir!

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