But not the jeans, darn it

By Mir
October 20, 2009

A couple of weeks ago I posted:

Shop The Children’s Place this month, and you can use coupon code HA99 for 15% off any order, or bulk up the savings by using code PDA99 for $20 off your $80+ order. Both coupons are good through the end of October, and the Fall Sale is underway and Halloween costumes are on sale, too.

Of course now the 30% off Fall Items and Costumes Sale has turned into the 50% off Fall Items and Costumes Sale, so I ran over there—all excited to finally get some jeans for my son—only to discover that the denim is still regular price. Hmph.

But, you know, 50% off lots of other stuff, anyway.


  1. have I told you lately that you rock Mir? you rock Mir!
    11 items (5 pants, 6 long sleeved shirts) for $64 shipped. that’s $5.81 a piece for those math inclined!!

    My 8 year old was moaning that all her clothes are slowly drifting to the 6 year-old’s drawers as they no longer fit the 8 year old . . . and she was right. I told her to quit growing and it wouldn’t be a problem!

  2. I got 9 shirts and 1 skirt for $45 shipped – I just hope they all fit. 🙂

  3. Thanks–I got several shirts!

  4. 2 sets of pj’s, 2 shirts, and 1 fleece robe that is going to be so cute on my son I can hardly stand it- $32.94 shipped. Holla!

  5. Saw that code earlier and decked out my boys for the winter. Plus a cute fleece robe…now maybe the 4-yr-old will give mine back!

  6. I am hoping it’s not a mistake, but it seems to have let me use that PDA99 code for a second order. If so, I just got a million items for $60.

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