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By Mir
October 20, 2009
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I’m pretty sure I’ve raved about Blinds Galore here before, but I’m going to tell the story again because I think it’s such a good one: After having the cheap blinds on our family room window first stop working, then fall off in my hands (fancy!), I started shopping around for replacements. And I promptly died, because goodness but window coverings are expensive. After much research, I came across a special at Blinds Galore that fit our needs, and I ordered some new blinds.

I ordered three blinds, and what I received was an open box with two (damaged) blinds and the third MIA. That was disappointing, to say the least. But the happy ending to this story is that I called Blinds Galore and received the best customer service I’ve ever had—they were only too happy to replace my order, no questions asked, and terribly apologetic for my inconvenience. They even called back to make sure everything was okay, after I got the replacement. I was very impressed, and a week later I went and joined their affiliate program. Because, really, how many window coverings do I expect to sell through Want Not? Not very many, but I really like this company and how they do business, so I’m happy to promote them.

So here you go: Through October 26th, shop Blinds Galore and take 25% off your Levolor purchase with code LEVSAVE, or take 20% off everything else with code FALLSAVE. Free shipping, too. and like I said, the customer service is fantastic, so you can order with confidence.


  1. Perfect timing! We have some blinds that no longer open…LOL So I decided last night to start looking around for replacements! Thanks so much 🙂

  2. I know people (insurance professionals) who had a sheet tacked over their odd-sized-window for about a decade because of the prices out there!

  3. Thanks for the tip! Blinds ARE expensive. I just saw on their website ( they have a contest where people can get votes to win free window treatments + $1000. Who knows, maybe I’ll get my window treatments for FREE!

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