Must. Resist.

By Mir
October 21, 2009

I know many of you have cursed the day I introduced you to It’s the site I personally love to hate, as I need no encouragement when it comes to buying pretty shoes on sale, already, and I often find myself justifying a purchase with, “But it’s such a good deal.”

I’m trying to be good. Actually, I haven’t bought a pair of shoes in months.

But I’m not sure I can resist the lure of Danskos for just $40. I tried on some Danskos, once. It was like walking on buttered unicorn breath. And that doesn’t even make any sense. That’s how comfy they were. They were also $95, so, you know, those shoes got left behind at the store. But $40? I’m only human, people.


  1. I don’t read your comments, so you probably get all of the affirmation a woman could want! But…you are so funny! I don’t know how you do it post after post, but you seem to always have something witty and hilarious to say! Thanks for keeping us entertained! 🙂

  2. I had resisted the lure of Until today. I have a pair of Danskos that were purchased AT FULL PRICE. I love them. However, i will love the new ones MORE. I got THREE pair for roughly what one pair cost. I <3 Mir…

  3. OMG, I’ve been waiting for this. Curse you! & also – WOO!!

  4. does anyone know if they run small or large? i saw a pair i love but i tend to run between a 9 and a 9.5–didn’t know what size to choose!?!?

  5. i think danskos run true to size EXCEPT when the top arch of the shoe is high. for example, if you try on a dansko shoe where your foot fits all the way in the shoe and the “tongue” comes up high, you should probably go a 1/2 size up. sandals, etc. are more accurate, i have found.

  6. Okay. I have a confession. I used to be baffled by the fact that most women own so many pairs of shoes (please don’t throw things at me!). For many years I’ve owned about 5 pairs. I had running shoes, 2 prs of flats, one of heels & a pair of neutral sandals to wear with about everything else. I actually felt a sort of pride that I never had to agonize over which shoes to wear. Mir, you have RUINED me! NOW I understand…. I used to never consider the nicer shoes because I couldn’t afford them. You’ve introduced me to far too many brands that I can now buy (with the proper deal). Thanks alot. You have made me a girl.

  7. Dansko Mary Janes are finally mine!! Guess I’ll have to call it a birthday present to myself… 3 months early. 6pm is dangerous, indeed.

  8. My husband wants me to break up with you now, Mir.

  9. If anyone is on the fence, let me just throw in that I am not a big shoe person, but I bought a pair of Danskos when I was pregnant with my oldest son (he’s nine now), and I have worn them at a minimum 7 out of 10 days since then, and they are still just as comfortable as when I first got them. Totally worth it for $40 if you’re even considering it.

  10. How you tease the canadians with your awesome deals. I just wish they shipped to Canada oh well back to drooling umm I mean working for me.

  11. Jen, you are evil. Have had a pair sitting in my cart since reading Mir’s post this morning…completely undecided. THEN your comment pushed me over the fence. Just placed my order. 🙂

  12. Oh my goodness. This was too good to resist. Danskos NEVER go on sale! I live in mine. I’d sleep in them if I could. Red mary janes, woohoo! And then I took a little detour into the boots section for some Rocket Dogs … thanks Mir!

  13. Who can resist buttered unicorn breath??? I can’t wait for mine to get here!!!

  14. Okay, after reading other reviews of these shoes, I ordered a pair, too. I’ve had foot problems for over two years now, and I’m hoping these help alleviate the pain at work! 🙂

  15. Well after thinking about it all day I finally went ahead on ordered a pair. I’m a bit nervous about the sizing…I hope it fits nicely! Thanks, I can’t wait to try them on!

  16. WOO HOO! Last summer I found out I have been walking wrong on a badly healed sprained ankle for SEVEN YEARS, and it was causing my knee to twist in a way that wasn’t good if I wanted to continue to walk for the rest of my life. Can I tell you how OLD I felt when (a) I had to go to an orthopedist at age 31 and (b) he told me I needed supportive shoes??? A friend recommended Danskos, and I have been waiting for the day when I could buy a pair ever since!!! So when I saw Mir’s post, I grabbed my 2-year-old and went to the only local store of I know that carries them. (Well, first I emailed my friend. Her response: “I love you!”) I semi-fibbed to the sales lady that I was working on my Christmas list (true) and wanted to know what size Danskos I needed (also true, but those two things do not necessarily go together). I would have LOVED to order 2-3 pairs (Gennie, I HEART the Mary Janes, too!) but at the moment, even at the awesome price, I could only afford one. So Mir, I’m BEGGING you to please let me know ASAP when (I’m not going to say if, because I’m thinking positive) they go on sale again! (Can I give you my number? 😉 )

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