You’ll do better this time, right, Friday?

By Mir
October 23, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

We always tell the kids that the best apologies are not the ones where they use the word “sorry,” necessarily, but the ones where their behavior changes accordingly. I know that the Amazon Friday Sale isn’t a child, but it’s been pretty lackluster for a few weeks; will today be the day it repents for real? Let’s find out.

I’ll confess that when I saw these boots on the main page I thought, “Oooohhh… lilac boots. I hate them. Except I kind of love them.” And while $100 is reasonable for leather BCBG boots, I’d like ’em to be a little more versatile. But if you click through you’ll see they’re also available in black and brown. (Looks like only the brown and lilac are on sale.) (Also looks like they qualify for the $20 off $100+ Amazon shoes promo, but you need to find something that costs at least a dime to get over the limit.)

You were totally cruising the Friday Sale looking for a super-fancy shower, right? Oh, you weren’t? Nevermind.

Part of me thinks that these slingshot action balls would be great fun for the dog. And another part of me knows it would end with one of the kids in the ER.

That great deal on a set of Earth Pan cookware is back—just $115 for everything you need, without the dangers of Teflon.

It’s been a while since we had a good deal on sheets; these 500 thread count ones are as low as $40 for the set, depending on your size/color combo.

Have you ever wanted to have those giant wine glasses they sometimes have on cooking shows? Now you can! While the price is great, read the reviews on these goblets—one reviewer speculates an entire bottle of wine would fit in a single glass. Hee.

I’m intrigued by this steak knife set. Although it’s kind of expensive given that there’s really no reviews and the knives themselves might be cruddy. But it’d be a great gift for the modern art enthusiast who has everything, I suppose.

I know it’s early to be talking holiday teacher gifts, but this 4-pack of Ghirardelli hot cocoa mix is just $16, with an automatic 20% off at checkout. Really, paired with some cookies or pumpkin bread, at around $3/canister that makes for a nice gift on the cheap.

I’m a big fan of going salon-quality for hair tools, but my daughter keeps trying to steal my GHD flat iron (oh, child; please see the dictionary for “Hell, cold day in” to determine when I’ll let you do that), so I may just pick up this $20 Wahl version for her for Christmas.

The Gold Box is full of discounts on collegiate wear, so it’s a great time to grab your team’s sweatshirt at a way better price than they’ll be selling ’em at the stadium.

And don’t forget to check out this month’s selection of 50 MP3 albums for just $5 each; it’s a great way to bulk up your tunes without emptying your wallet.

Friday, I do believe you have redeemed yourself. Nice job.


  1. There are nights that follow insane days where there is absolutely nothing wrong with pouring an entire bottle of wine into one glass. And you look a little less like a lush- if you’re worried about that kind of thing.

  2. Thanks, Mir! I picked up the hot chocolate deal for teachers, myself 🙂 and other unexpecteds to go with my holiday baking. Great deal!

  3. How mad am I that I bought my Earth Pan set on Monday! Even as Idid it, I thought “I bet Wantnot will post a sale on these soon…”

  4. Andrea, we’re sharing a brain today. Basket full of cookies+ cute mug+ gourmet hot chocolate mix= way more expensive than it was.

    Also picked up some Christmas gifts in collegiate wear for my DH. Those shirts are at least twice as expensive in the stores here.

    Thanks, Mir!

  5. Loving the hot chocolate deal! Thanks for posting it- I’m starting to stock up on teacher’s gifts.

  6. *sputtering* Can I ask why you, the frugal, lovely Mir, paid for a GHD flat iron? (Not trying to be rude, I just do not understand) Enlighten me?

  7. So sad, Amazon no longer has that deal on the hot chocolate. Well that is what I get for dwaddling I suppose.

  8. Man, such a roller coaster on the Fri sale today! First I was about to bow at your feet b/c I was using up the last of my Ghirardelli hot choc mix the other night when it was chilly out but then I get to Amazon and see it’s not $16, it’s $24.99 and it’s not my fav flavor. Meh. So as I start to leave, I see a link to my fav flavor of theirs and it’s only $19.02 for a 4 pack and it’s also 20% off at checkout so yay, under $16. Score! Thanks, pretty Mir, I’ve been wanting to restock on the semi-cheap for a while now. This stuff is *so* good. Num num num…bring on the cold! (Well, the GA version of cold)

  9. Is the GHD flat iron really that great? If so I would consider getting one for my daughter for Christmas. Know how to get a bargain on one?? Thanks!!

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