If you start your day with diapers. . .

By Mir
October 26, 2009

… you may as well start it off with some diaper deals, too!

If you’re looking for an earth- and baby-friendly disposable option, Seventh Generation is a great choice. Not only are their diapers chlorine free, they come in a variety of sizes (including up to size 6, which many other brands don’t even make).

So here’s the deal at Amazon right now: Go to the Seventh Generation diapers and click on the link to to “Your Coupon Book” (just under the product description). That will take you to some coupons, including one for $4 off. Once you click on that coupon, you’ll be back to choose your size. Pick your size, then select purchase via Subscribe & Save, which will give you free shipping and another 15% off. Then at checkout, apply coupon code 7GENIOO9 for another 15% off.

The end result is diapers to your door for about 40% off (15% coupon + 15% Subscribe & Save + about 10% from your coupon book). I’d stock up if I had a little one.


  1. The good: I totally need more 7th Gen dipes!
    The bad: It looks like the coupon can only be used once…looks like I’ll be signing my husband up for an Amazon account! 😉

    Thanks so much!!

  2. Awesome deal. as a mom to twins, I need all the cheap diapers I can get. Thank you!

  3. No longer a 6pm shoes virgin…took the leap today…thanks, Mir 🙂

  4. Thank you!! I already subscribe to their training pants, but now instead of the great price of $39 and change, they’re coming for $25.94! Whoohooo!

  5. And thanks to Birgita for the great idea. I set up a new subscription on the account I opened for Prime and then cancelled and reordered with my old account, too.

  6. Wait– so if I keep the Subscribe & Save, I can keep the diapers coming monthly for the price after this 40% discount ($23.39)? Of just for the S & S price of $37.39? If I can get them every month for the 40% off, maybe I’ll keep the S & S. Thanks in advance to anyone who knows the answer!

  7. This is an AWESOME deal – thank you!!!

  8. Selena, Subscribe & Save always uses the “current” price less the S&S discount… (so the addl discount codes will just be for this order). You have to keep an eye on S&S orders too…the price won’t always necessarily be $37.39 either. I used to have Huggies Supreme on S&S until I noticed the price kept creeping up each month until it was no longer such a good deal…

  9. Thanks, Traci! I went ahead and canceled the S&S. I appreciate your advice!

  10. Done. Always appreciate a heads up on cheap diapers. I’ve never ordered through subscribe and save before because I was so worried I would forget to cancel. I was pleasantly surprised to see how easy it is to cancel immediately. Thanks again.

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