Oh, Santa!

By Mir
October 27, 2009

Just in case there’s a Santa or a Santa’s helper in your life that loves to pick up a little something extra-special each year from Hanna Andersson—sometimes Santa brings us their incredible cozy, adorable, and durable pajamas as a very special treat—now might be a good time to do a little shopping. All regular-price merchandise is 20% off through November 15th, 2009.

And yes, I know. Even at 20% off, Hannas are a bit tough to stomach for us frugal folks. But I’ve never gotten anything from there I wasn’t able to resell on eBay (usually two children and several years later) for at least half of what I spent on it (and sometimes more).

Besides, I’m pretty sure Hanna is Swedish for OHSOCUTE.


  1. Any shipping codes? 🙂

  2. I have Hannas that went through two slow-growing girls (2 years of use each) which I passed on and have now on their 4th girl — and still look great. My oldest daughter (major sensory issues) was thrilled to discover that they also make adult clothing — she loves her Hanna tops and skirts.

  3. Oh, mercy. I bought a brand-new pair of Hannah long johns at Saver’s last winter, in a size one too big for my daughter. She’s been wearing them ever since, and I swear they still look brand new. How do they do that? Nothing has faded or frayed. At all. And she wears them at least once a week. But having found these for $5, it is even more difficult to pay $26 for them. But yeah, they rock.

  4. agree with everyone! my mom, bless her heart, buys my 2 girls a hanna outfit every year. they wear them for 2 years (or more sometimes) then my neighbor girl gets them, then I sell them too. amazing clothes.

  5. must. resist. If I spend $60 for matching PJs for the boys, my husband is going to kill me!

  6. Get on H.A.’s email list. About twice a year they do a MAJOR sale. . . order as soon as you’re notified. Locate an outlet – there are some scattered throughout the U.S. Our Hanna’s go through two girls and people are still thrilled to get them from us as hand-me-downs. mkw

  7. Bummer – the organic pj’s I love are on sale, so no 20% off. It’s tough to spend $100 on pj’s for three… but they are oh, so cozy!

  8. I got free shipping on my over $100 order. I’m not sure if it still works, though. It may have been for the sale ending on the 25th.

  9. Their playdresses (and many of their other dresses) are AMAZING and so well-designed. Buy them to fit big and loose, and the girls can wear them for two or more years. Unreal!

    It makes me a bit angry that clothes can be built to last like this. Why aren’t more designers/companies bothering to do this?!

  10. I couldn’t NOT order these! I got matching green striped PJs for the boys to wear in our Christmas card this year. That makes it worth the money!

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