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By Mir
October 28, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Today is turning out to be One Of Those Days, so I thought I’d give you a slew of deals to keep you busy for a while. And you know how I love those daily specials….

Today’s Amazon Gold Box Deal is a 14-movie Alfred Hitchcock collection for $54. That’s under $5/movie, and who doesn’t love old Hitchcock films?

Over in the Target Daily Deals, you can make your skin smell like cheesecake (ummm… ewww?), or get yourself a shoe shine kit. comes through with another insane crop of shoe deals, including a wide assortment of Romantic Soles for just $14.95 apiece.

I’m pretty sure that an awesome pair of shoes would help compensate for the fact that you smell like cheesecake. Probably.


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