Friday, don’t be spooky

By Mir
October 30, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I think last week the Amazon Friday Sale managed quite a nice recovery compared to previous lackluster weeks. Can they do it again, this week? I hope so. Otherwise, that would just be scary.

I often feel like I should contract out the coverage of the Friday Sale Home Improvement section. Because for the most part—unless it’s a tool my husband owns and I’ve seen him use—I feel like most of my commentary ends up being, “Hey, that’s a really big… thing. And it’s 63% off!” I don’t really know if the average person is in the market for, say, a joist and stud drill, y’know?

On the other hand, I feel perfectly comfortable getting excited about three purple glue sticks for under a buck. So there’s that.

I don’t think anyone here needs this, but I just want you to know that I laughed over “ferret nation” for about five minutes. Hee.

Live somewhere chilly? This is a great price on a heated mattress pad—just $57 shipped for queen size.

The Earth Pan 10-piece set is back on deep discount. I think it’s taunting me. (Oh, the agony of needing new pots but having already replaced my frying pans. Do I buy a new set? Or just replace the rest piecemeal?)

Confession: I would probably buy this flatware set purely for the caddies and tray, because I think they’re adorable.

Say you need to make coffee for a crowd. Or that you’re just really addicted to caffeine. Either way, this is the lowest price I’ve seen on this West Bend Coffee Urn ($90 shipped) in a while.

Don’t forget to check out the Gold Box today, particularly if you need seven seasons (!) worth of Tales From the Crypt. Heh. And of course this is your last chance to peruse October’s assortment of 50 MP3 albums available for just $5 each, too.

And now… I must go work on Halloween costumes. Because the only thing more important to me than pursuit of the deal is humiliating assisting my children. Have a wonderful Friday!


  1. Honestly? buy them piecemeal. A set won’t give you exactly what you need. Buying them piecemeal will. You might want a very sturdy version of a pot that you use ALL the time (or even two copies so you have one available while the other is in use/being cleaned). And other pots in a set may be a waste of space in your cabinet. Or something that you would be just fine with a $10 cheapy that gets replaced on occasion.

  2. Please stop tormenting me with the knowledge that I paid 20$ more for the Earth Pan Set!

    That said…5 days and I have fallen deeply in love with them. Who knew egss could slide of the pan onto a plate just like in the movies!

  3. when did you get political? i’m a little suprised to see the gay marriage post on your site…

  4. What gay post?

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