I found the cheap slims!

By Mir
November 3, 2009

Okay, so, you know how I keep going on and on about there not being any slim jeans for boys on sale anywhere?

I just found ’em.

Check the Kohls clearance—Lee jeans for $10, slim sizes available. I thought some of my fellow moms to skinny boys would appreciate this one. (Of course, if you need other stuff… well, have at it.)

Shipping is a standard $.99 on every item right now, and if you have a Kohls card you can use code pick150ctfor 15% off your entire purchase.


  1. I looked all over the Khols website and couldn’t find them!

  2. Curses! No 12 slim. Skinny urchin is just a tad too tall for the 10 Slims. 🙂

    And a tad too short for the 12’s. Guess I better go feed him some more…

  3. I can’t find them either!

  4. I actually found them in the store. TONS of them. Bought 8 pair of size 6 slim, all on sale. Of course when I got them home, they didn’t fit. But I still thought it was a score 🙂

  5. My skinny balink is probably a 12 but sadly inherited giraffe genes and has these legs that could substitue for stilts. That being said I can’t find any size 14 or 16 slims so it looks like he is wearing manpris or boypris for the remainder of the year. Maybe we could move to a warmer climate so he could just stay in his shorts…..

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