Beautiful corners

By Mir
November 4, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Today’s Amazon Gold Box Deal is a Hitachi compound miter saw for $99. It has great reviews, and even a tool dummy like me knows that you need a good miter saw for making pretty corners on things like picture frames, crown molding, and rotten children.

Just kidding about that last one. If I got such a good deal on a nice saw like that, I’d hate to dull it on my offspring.


  1. I’ll add a positive comment about the saw. I have the same model. The fence is square to the bed, and you can set it for very repeatable, accurate cuts. At $99, it’s tough to beat.

  2. Does anyone remember the Mr. Goodwrench commercial where Stephen Colbert asks a mechanic if Mr. Goodwrench were a tool what tool would he be? And then when the guy answers “a wrench?”, Stephen says “Ooh, sorry. Mitre saw- the correct answer is mitre saw”. My sister and I crack ourselves up over that.
    I’ll go have my coffee now.

  3. Btw, if you order this saw for yourself, be sure to put a worthy blade on it. The included one is only so-so.

  4. Ha! Who knew the comments to a post about a saw could make me laugh TWICE. First at, “The fence is square to the bed,” because I have no idea what that means, though I’m sure it’s really important. And second at Claire’s recount of that commercial, because I had totally forgotten about that awesome, awesome ad. Seriously…hysterical.

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