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By Mir
November 6, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I got up extra-super-early to check out the Amazon Friday Sale before I head off to school with one of my kids this morning to make some heads roll. (Just kidding! I hardly ever beat up kids!) I tell you this by way of explanation; I’m a in something of A Mood. But I’m sure the sale won’t let me down….

Ladies and gentlemen, we have our first Christmas tree of the season. I think they showed remarkable restraint, waiting until November. (Not a bad price on a 9-foot tree, either, I suppose.)

In the market for a set of stainless cookware? Wolfgang Puck’s stuff is high-quality, and you could do a lot worse than 10 pieces for $90. If you’d rather go non-stick, the 10-piece anodized Earth Pan set is $115.

Look away, teetotalers—sometimes you care enough to send the very best… whiskey! If you do, maybe you’d like a half-price decanter to go with it. (I despise whiskey. But isn’t the decanter pretty? I won’t tell if you fill it with apple juice.)

There’s a zillion choices of K-Cups in the Grocery section, so if you have a coffeemaker that takes those, today is probably a good day to stock up.

If you or someone you love has a daily pill regimen, check out this pill dispenser—you can fill it with 28 days worth of meds, plus it’s got an alarm clock/timer built in. Perfect for absent-minded med management.

Hey, um, Friday Sale? You can do better than that. Please meet me in the principal’s office. And yes, I am making Mad Eyebrows at you.

Today’s Gold Box Deal is 61% off the complete series of Ally McBeal on DVD, and I’ll confess I used to watch that show religiously. Love me some David E. Kelley drama, yes I do. (Tell me you were a die-hard fan of Picket Fences back in the day and I’m yours.) And of course there’s the November crop of 50 MP3 albums for $5 each, too. Oh! I should’ve checked my mail—here’s Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 2 for the Wii (with the mat!) for just $25. Thanks, BB! I’m picking that up for us!

Still deal-hungry? is featuring Polliwalks for under $10 apiece today, and if you don’t think ever small child should be wearing a pair of these adorable shoes, you have no soul. And the Target Daily Deals today feature a Victorinox wheeled backpack that I suspect could kill a man if necessary. And while I’m not suggesting that anyone here really needs 60 boxes of fancy tea, if for some reason you do, you might want to check out today’s deal at Graveyard Mall. (That’d take care of teacher gifts, hostess gifts, gift baskets, and your caffeine needs for an entire year, right?)

Have a great Friday, everyone!


  1. I just ordered a Dance Dance Revolution too. Exercise and fun – can’t beat that!

  2. My son is going to lurve his puppy dog Polliwalks.

    Thanks Mir!

  3. Ordered the Dance Dance Revolution…thanks for the tip!

  4. Mother of Pearl! 6pm, I just can’t quit you!

  5. Oh, the Polliwalks! My growing-like-a-weed daughter has outgrown the pair I got earlier this year when you let us know about a deal on them. Definitely time to buy some new puppy shoes for Christmas!

  6. I used to watch Picket Fences but then since we didn’t have cable in Canada, our channel stopped airing it. I started watching it on DVD from Netflix as they become available!

  7. aaaand DDR2 already got yanked. it’s back up to $60.

  8. liv, you can still get it from Amazon for $25 by using the “More Buying Choices” column on the right. It says it ships in 1-3 weeks, but this is probably a Christmas present, right?

  9. My daughter (and everyone that sees her in them) loves the Polliwalks puppy slippers I bought last time there was a deal. So cute and comfy!

  10. Picket Fences! I just came across something with Kathy Baker in it the other day, and my husband and I were reminiscing about PF and how much we liked it.

    I would buy the Ally McBeal set just for the music. And Robert Downey Jr! And the Biscuit! I think of that character often, because there is a woman in my building who likes a fresh bowl. She doesn’t have a remote control, though.

  11. Yea for Polliwalks!! I’ve been looking for a deal for a couple months. Thanks so much!

  12. BB – thanks!! yeah, it’d be a present, but thanks so much for letting me know! i always forget about that option there.

  13. Darn it, I wish I had seen the Dance Party game this morning before the price went back up.

  14. must of sold out – even doing that its not there anymore. 🙁

  15. Just got two pair of Pollywalks for my kids. Bought some earlier this year and they just love them! Wish they had more boy colors though.

  16. The Polliwalks Fireflies are a hoot!

  17. I bought that same Christmas tree over a year ago (I even wrote an Amazon review on it today) when it was $99 shipped and it’s the best deal I have gotten through your fabulous website, Mir. 🙂 If anyone is looking for a great tree, you can’t go wrong with this one, even for todays price.

  18. Ohhh, so sad that I had to run a workshop this a.m. and missed out on DDR! Mir, pleeeeze keep us posted if another DDR deal hits your radar screen. In the meantime…can anyone advise me on other fun wii or ds lite games for a third grade girl? Any thoughts on Disney DDR as an option? Thanks!

  19. has Picket Fences – almost all the episodes.

    I think the first season was the best one, but it was all good.

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