While I am getting squished

By Mir
November 9, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I have the singular joy (ahem) of having one of those doctor’s appointments this morning, if you know what I mean (and I think you do). So while I’m doing that, here’s a few dailies to keep you busy:

Oh, 6pm.com, you’re like the drug habit I never had. Pro-Keds for $15? Irregular Choice for $10? I’m not made of stone, you know.

Today’s featured daily deal at Barnes & Noble is a Columbia Pictures 11-movie DVD set including Ghandi, for $55. (For reference, the same set is $84 at Amazon.

Graveyard Mall’s daily deal today includes a beautiful tabletop fountain with a light and chimes—perfect for setting up a bit of Zen without breaking the budget.

And finally, the Target Daily Deals include a nice wallet, a purse I’m kind of lusting after, a Super Why! backpack, and some fuzzy boots. (But no $80 rainboots, today. Sorry!)

Stay out of trouble until I get back, okay?


  1. If 6pm.com is like the drug habit you never had, then that makes you a drug pusher! I have already made 2 purchases there (AMAZING deals and QUICK shipping) and got another friend hooked as well. Love that site!!

  2. …”drug habit”… …”not made of stone”…

    I see what you did there….

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