Who wants a pig ear?

By Mir
November 9, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot! | Pets

Who’s a good girl? Who’s a good girl? That’s right, you are! You’re such a good girl! C’mere, you adorable thing, you.

Oh, what do I have here? Is it a rawhide? A pig ear? A hunk of pepperoni? No, it’s a free shipping code for PetFoodDirect, which is even better, because you can order up to 25 pounds worth of supplies for your pampered pet and it’ll ship for free. Yes it will! (Ordering more than 25 pounds worth? You’ll get a discounted rate.)

Just use code PET3696A through November 12th. Yes. Save. Save! Good girl!!


  1. Yah! 17.5 pounds of cat food shipped for free and I don’t have to lug it home. Thanks!

  2. I’m having to coordinate with my vet, but considering the fact that they’re 45 minutes away (we live in the sticks) that’s pretty good!

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