Friday, take me away

By Mir
November 13, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I was actually having an okay week, and then my Thursday sort of blew up. Today needs to be a better day—do you hear me, Universe? And, um, no pressure, Amazon Friday Sale. It’s only my sanity we’re talking about….

I’m pretty sure this is a good deal on a Bosch Router Table ($150 shipped), but I am equally sure that I need to hide it from my husband, lest we play another rousing game of rearrange-the-garage.

Need a spare queen bed? Get the no-frills queen Aerobed for $50.

If you want something nice for your bed, this 2-inch memory foam topper is down to $65 for the queen size, which makes it cheaper than the twin, today. (Hint: Need a twin? Buy the queen and cut it yourself.)

I’ve decided my son needs to stop growing, because I would totally buy him this transportation flannel duvet cover if he were younger, because $14 for a duvet cover that cute is insane.

I’m not an electric shaver person, but at $91, this is the lowest I’ve seen the Panasonic Vortex HydraClean go, and it has mostly favorable reviews.

If you like Dropps for your laundry, between the markdown and Subscribe & Save you can end up with 60 loads worth for $17 delivered.

Don’t forget to check out this month’s crop of 50 MP3 albums for just $5 each, plus you can get your geek on in the Amazon Gold Box—any season of the recently remade Doctor Who on DVD is nearly 60% off.

If you need a fix (motto: No day is a bad day for 6pm deals!), I’ll just point out that all J-41 shoes are just $25 today. (I had never heard of that brand before, and I bought a pair the last time they were on special. They are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned. Plus, they’re adorable.) That’s all I’ll say about that.

Here’s to a great Friday!


  1. Can you believe I’ve resisted 6pm so far? ME! I know! But I’m very tempted by the Dansko-esque J-41 wedge clogs. I’m feeling the need for shoes I can easily slip on to go to the bus stop on those mornings when it’s actually too cold for flip flops. Are your most-comfortable-ever J-41s wedges or flats?

  2. And now I remember why I’ve been able to resist 6pm. Always, always, the item I’d want to buy is out of stock in my size.

  3. Check these out.

    It says they are originally $75, marked down to under 10 bucks!

  4. I would like to add that the last time 6pm did the J-14 sale I went crazy and bought THREE pairs of shoes and could not be happier. They are super cute, comfortable, and my boots are waterproof too. I’m wearing them right now! Love them.

  5. Dr. Who! Hurrah!

  6. I LOVE the transportation duvet. Alas, when I showed my almost-6 year old he said, “Um, do they have any tough characters, like the incredible hulk or spiderman? ::: sigh :::

  7. The duvet cover is adorable. I would have bought it for my kiddo. I wonder if I could swing it now – he’s 17, but he’s blind. I could just tell him it’s cool.

  8. If your coffee pot is refusing to drain, try poking a wire into the drain hole in the reservoir. We have hard water and have to run vinegar through ours every so often, but sometimes that isn’t enough. I’ve resuscitated our current one several times this way. (Kinda like the medical shows before the paddles get used–CLEAR!)

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