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By Mir
November 14, 2009
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Gooooood morning! Today I came to the inescapable conclusion that my coffeemaker has reached the end of its life. And then I spent over an hour being overwhelmed by different coffeemaker models and choices, and now I’m here wondering if I should just switch to tea. (Seriously, I love shopping for you, but apparently can’t handle shopping for myself. This is how the shoemaker’s children end up barefoot, people.)

Anyway, enough about me! Let’s see what you’re going to save on, today.

Target’s Daily Deals run the gamut today, from a LED temperature indicator shower head (that’s a brilliant idea for the kids’ bathroom) to a voice-activated remote control. Don’t forget—their daily deals always ship for free.

Many of you asked me to let you know when $40 Danskos returned to, and today’s the day! Check out those Annie shoes for just $6, and the Romantic Soles ones for just $7, too. (I love those cheapie specials; it keeps my fast-growing shoe fanatic in hip shoes without breaking the bank.)

Check out the deal on this Fisher Price Amazing Animals Spinnin’ Around Musical Zoo at Amazon—it’s currently just $24, and ships for free with Prime (or find a filler and get free Super Saver Shipping). And while it’s not on sale, if my son’s ceaseless pining is any indication, this Bakugan Maxus Dragonoid is going to be a very hot item this holiday season, and my guess is that it’s going to be hard to find in another few weeks. Just sayin’. (Also? I don’t even like Bakugan and I have to admit that thing is incredibly cool. It’s like Transformers! But with Bakugan!)

It’s that time of year—the big winter sale is on at The Company Store, plus they’ve added tons of items to their clearance (thanks, Laura!) this week.

80% off at has been extended through the weekend; just use code ENTREE to pay just $2 for your $25 dining certificates, and suddenly date night is affordable again.

I may have to stick one of these Miccus ChargeBlocks from into my husband’s stocking this year—it charges your iPod or iPhone on the go, and is just $20 today. (Comparison: The direct-from-Amazon price is $35 right now, though you can go through them for the deal if you prefer, for some reason.)

I’ll be back a bit later on with a weekend contest, because really, who doesn’t want a contest? That’s right.


  1. Oops, I left helpful coffeemaker comment on the Friday post. Guess I need to drink more coffee!

  2. As for the coffee maker, I LOVE our refurb Waring Pro I scored a couple of years ago on an Amazon deal, thanks to you!

  3. We have had Gevalia mail order coffee pots for the last 10 years or so. Find one of the freebie offers and you get a great coffee maker as well as 2 boxes of good coffee for about $15 shipped right to your door. We discovered on our last order the mocha coffee is super yummy. Plus, you can cancel immediately and in about 6 months to a year they’ll send you more freebie offers to get you to buy again. Works great for us and always seems to come at the right time when somebody has broken the pot.

  4. Ah, the coffeepot. One feature I like on mine is the timer. I set it at bedtime, and when I sit down to breakfast it’s ready. It also shuts off after two hours, so I don’t get to school and worry about whether I’m going to burn the hosue down with my caffeine addiction.

  5. I love my Keurig. It’s simple and easy.

  6. Daisy- what kind of coffee maker do you have? A timer sounds like a GREAT feature!

  7. I have Hamilton Beach BrewStation Select Drip Coffeemaker (available at Target) and love it. I don’t know of a deal on it, but it does a great job.

  8. What, you didn’t stock up on the Promiscuous shoes for her? Only $6.95! Ugh.

  9. On coffee: We’re huge fans of the French Press in general, and the bodum Columbia models in particular. There’s something to be said for a thermal nonelectric method of coffeemaking: the pot can travel with you to your desk instead of taking up valuable countertop space. 🙂

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