I’ve got the whole moon, in my room

By Mir
November 16, 2009

(I’m hearing that to the tune of “Whole World In His Hands,” just so you can share the earworm joy.)

I love this: Get a moon in your room from National Geographic for just $15—use coupon code EM111509B6 for free shipping. [Edited to add: The code appears not to be working; some folks are having luck with calling in, some not. Sorry about that.]

It’s currently $19 at Amazon (but check out those great reviews).

I kind of want one for my room….


  1. We got this for our son last year for Christmas. He loves it. We turn off the lights for him at bedtime and just watch it cycle through the phases a time or two. “Good night, Moon.”

  2. I am copying and pasting that Promotional code for free shipping, but it doesn’t seem to want to take that code?

  3. OMG! Thank you! I saw this, this weekend in the Wal-Mart X-mas sale flyer and planned on buying it for my daughter.

  4. I ditto Lo. Promo code not working.

  5. I read you have to call to get the code to work. hth

  6. This is a great item – my son and daughter each have one in their room – just velcro the remote so it doesn’t get misplaced 🙂

  7. GREAT toy. We have one and LOVE it.

  8. The earworm might be a nice change from the new “Fanboy & Chum Chum” theme that’s been in mine three days straight!

  9. We have this, and it’s awesome!

  10. I couldn’t get the NG site to work for me, so I ordered one from Amazon. I picked up a couple of books on constellations as well. Christmas is off to a fantastic start! Thanks for the tips, Mir!!

  11. Yeah I just tried to order, promo code didn’t work, so I called cust service and the woman told me there is no such code, you have to spend $75 or more for free shipping. She was kind of short with me and wouldn’t budge. Too bad, guess I’ll pay $19.99 somewhere else then.

  12. Tracy H, sounds like you got a bad cust service rep. I called last night and they were very helpful and friendly…she gave me the free shipping, no problem. You might want to try again.

  13. huh, I can’t get the free shipping code to work either. And I have no voice, thanks to the arrival of glorious winter in full force! Guess I’ll have to decide if I want to suck it up and pay more at Amazon… thought this would be perfect for that hard-to-buy-for kid on my list!

  14. I called last night after getting an HTML Tomcat error online – and the lady I talked to didn’t even want the free shipping code – she just took my word for it and sent it for free. I ordered two because two moons is way cooler than one. Thanks MIR for the tip.

  15. Yep, I just called and got yelled at for “Going through a third party” to try and get free shipping. She said there is NO WAY National Geographic would support that sort of thing, and wouldn’t budge either. Even when I read her the comments on here. Yikes!! Oh well, it sounds really cool!

  16. I went ahead and ordered it from Amazon for $18.83. It’s just a few more dollars and I ordered another gift too so shipping was free.

  17. Got a really sweet customer service rep the second time I called. Even though free shipping was only good yesterday I went ahead and ordered. When she asked if there was anything else I said “No just sorry I missed the free shipping”, she replied oh just let me take care of that shipping for you. Viola. I asked to speak to a supervisor to let them know how impressed I was to get REAL CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Always pays to be friendly and nice.

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