Wii will wii will save you

By Mir
November 16, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Been waiting for just the right deal to get your Wii on? Feeling like the last person on the planet without a Wii?

Today’s your day, baybee!

Right now at Amazon you can buy a Wii and Wii Fit, get a $50 gift card! And they’ve marked down the console, too, finally—you’ll pay just $200 for that, and $90 for the Fit. Once you factor in the gift card, you’re pretty much getting the Fit and balance board for free, compared to retail pricing.

If you’ve been considering getting on the Wii bandwagon, this would be a pretty bargain-minded way to do it.


  1. Of course they FINALLY have this at a decent price when I have NO money until payday. Sigh.

    It’s tough being me 🙂

  2. Mir, Game Stop has a promotion going on for the Wii system – Get a new Nintendo Wii for only $149.00 when you trade in two of the following – and there’s a huge list of things eligible. http://www.gamestop.com/gs/landing/wii149/default.aspx

  3. Thanks for the earworm. Thanks a lot, you are all about the sharing….sheesh!

  4. Mir,
    I got an email from Toys R Us that had the wii console at $99.99!! Didn’t read the fine print, but that is an awesome deal if you still don’t have a wii!

  5. Awesome! I held out until now but my husband is getting Wii paid for with our Discover card cash back accrued for the year. He is going to be so surprised on christmas. I can’t wait. Thanks for the heads up on the deal!

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