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By Mir
November 17, 2009
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If you celebrate Christmas, and if you do stockings, chances are there are certain things that Santa always brings. Right? Right. In our house, Santa is a big fan of socks. Santa is concerned about toe warmth, apparently. Also Santa brings ornaments every year, preferably ones that somehow reflect the past year in a meaningful way.

Now, it’s been a while since I had children small enough to insist on watching the same movie over and over again, but we have many years’ worth of ornaments of beloved characters from whatever video was that year’s “Agaaaaaaaain!”

And today Disney’s Deal of the Day is half off storybook ornament sets. Not only do you get a set of ornaments that all go together, but they come in an adorable “book.” The cute, it hurts me. Plus, they have Nightmare Before Christmas in there along with Mickey and the princesses and whatnot. Nice.

Don’t forget—order $89+ and you can use coupon code SHIP89 for free shipping. I’m sure Santa will be happy to hear about it.


  1. Ahem. Santa does NOT bring socks. HANUKKAH HARRY brings socks.

  2. Santa puts oranges, chocolate, chapsticks and gift cards in our stockings. And sometimes socks. Or underwear. Heh.

  3. Actually Christine, Santa’s Wife i.e. Mrs. Clause, brings you underwear and socks for New Years. Cause getting things you need is still cool as long as it’s not for Christmas.

  4. Santa likes the proverbial orange, but also usually a little costume jewelry and stickers. It’s a good thing he knows we’re such a girlie house. Things will be a little different this year!

  5. Santa always brings chapsticks and lip glosses.

  6. My Santa tucks $100 bills in the toes of mine and my siblings’ stockings. Pretty sure my KIDS’ Santa won’t be doing THAT anytime soon. Heh.

  7. I want Damsel’s Santa.

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