Doodle me this

By Mir
November 18, 2009

I’m always kind of sad when my kids outgrow coloring books. With both kids, though, they sort of get “too old” for a little while, and then the doodling begins. My son is worse than my daughter—you simply don’t leave a pencil out unless you’re prepared to find creatures on his napkin, animals in his notebooks, and villains on scraps from his pockets.

Which is why I’m about to stock up on these, which appear to pretty much be coloring books for big kids: They’re Doodle books, where your job is to finish or otherwise embellish the pictures. Genius! Choose from any of the following, each just $5.18 apiece (and they’ll ship free with $25+ or Prime):

Do You Doodle?
The Boys’ Doodle Book
The Girls’ Doodle Book
Beautiful Doodles

(I’m hoping this will save my kitchen table, but I’m trying to be realistic.) (Also? Stocking stuffers, baby!)


  1. Great books! Although price is already up to $10 new, $9 used on the Beautiful Doodles.

  2. All gone… wow! that was fast.

  3. They’re wonderful, but gone. 🙁

  4. Another idea for deals like this is Toys for Tots for older kids. It seems like the boxes are out even earlier than usual this year. Probably to get people thinking about it due to the higher anticipated need. And gifts for older kids are always a challenge. This looks perfect.

  5. Wish I’d been online at 6:13AM to get this great deal. May have to bite for an Amazon seller…

  6. These are almost as good as doodling — coloring…

    They come in circles, flowers, animals, etc…

  7. We love these but they are fairly large and thick, probably won’t fit in a standard stocking!

  8. Is it wrong that I totally want this to take to my meetings?

  9. these have “peaceful long holiday drives” written all over them! I’m going to have to seek them out elsewhere since they disappeared so fast!

  10. aw poop! Mir, since you are so pretty and pretty resourceful, please let us know if they become available again!

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