Ignore the mannequins

By Mir
November 18, 2009

I need to go on record as stating that the recent spate of creepy talking mannequins in the commercials for Old Navy really irritate me. There, I said it.

Their affordable clothes my kids like, however, do not annoy me at all. What a conundrum.

Through November 24th, use coupon code ONSAVE15 to take 15% off your $75+ order or 25% off of $100+. Shipping is automatically free on orders of $50+, right now, too.

Just keep your eyes on the clothes, and away from the mannequins.


  1. You’ve mentioned finding those mannequins creepy before. Now, every time I see one of their commercials, I think of you! LOL

  2. My daughter was so excited to see the modelquins in the store that she asked me to take a picture of her with her arm around the little one. They are celebrities in her 3-1/2 year old world!

  3. And keep away from that naughty dog!

  4. I am with you on the creepy mannequins! I despise their commercials.

  5. It’s so funny you mention the mannequins! I was on the site, started at Gap, then went over to ON and the ladies looking at me immediately struck me as weird and creepy! Great minds think alike, ladies!

  6. I think the mannequins are weird and creepy, but the most annoying thing about the most recent commercials are the fact that they are calling things the “party cardi”! It’s so *gag* hip and cool that it makes me want to poke my eyes out.

  7. And actors/writers thought reality shows were the worst thing that could happen to them. Now they’re replaced entirely by mannequins. Creepy.

  8. They’re even creepier in the store…I see them out of the corner of my eye and wonder why that crowd of people is standing there. Thanks for the coupon- my middelest kid finally outgrew her winter coat.

  9. Those of us who work there hate them too! Imagine hearing the “supermodelquins” shill for credit cards every fifteen minutes for EIGHT HOURS.

    Sometimes for fun we put one behind a register and see how many people walk up to it…

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