We’ll always have shoes

By Mir
November 19, 2009

I apologize for all of the 6pm.com deals this week. Wait; no I don’t. I’m kind of having a week, and pretty shoes make me feel better. Hopefully they’re bettering your week, too.

Today there’s Gabriella Rochas for $7, Rockports for $15, and Deer Stags for the whole family (hint: boots!). Plus other deals.

Maybe next week I’ll not need so many shoe deals, but right now, they’re an awesome distraction. You’re welcome.


  1. I love me some 6pm shoes but why oh why are they now selling DVDs??

  2. Beware that Gabriella Rocha shoes run small!

    I bought four pairs last month when they were on sale for $7.95. While I absolutely *love* the one pair (and they did eventually stretch to be semi-comfortable), two pairs don’t fit at all. However, since I only paid $8/pair it’s not worth sending them back, so my niece, who has smaller feet, is now the proud owner.

  3. I wore my Danskos to work for the first time today and received tons of compliments on them. Imagine everyone’s surprise when I’d ask, “How much do you think I paid for them?” and replied with “Nope, 36.96!” (The color I picked was even more on sale than the others at 40 dollars!) Everyone guessed over a hundred bucks, so I was the winner of the best-deal-getter award today! 🙂

    Oh, but my husband is not too happy that every time I wear them and remember I’m wearing them I look down at my shoes and sigh, “Buttered unicorn’s breath…” You’re right. They ARE that comfortable. I will be forever in your debt for linking to them the first time. My feet feel tons better (foot problems for the past few years)! Thanks, Mir!


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