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By Mir
November 20, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

This is it—the last Amazon Friday Sale before we hit Black Friday and then the whole season of holiday shopping madness. Are there treasures to be had? Let’s find out!

The Home Improvement section has a bunch of Hunter ceiling fans, today, if you’re in the market for one. (Though I notice that one of them is $199, marked down from… $199. Amazon, I’m a little worried about you.)

Okay. Look; I was willing to walk away from that faux-markdown and move on, but how about a great deal on a lovely… NOT AVAILABLE? (Hello, Amazon? Put down the crack pipe. Please.) Assuming that’s actually one of those Aerogardens and not an actual NOT AVAILABLE, it’s not a bad price to have your own heirloom tomatoes all winter long.

This fire pit gets great reviews, and $110 is the lowest price I’ve seen it hit. (Though I hear that if it was NOT AVAILABLE it’d be even cheaper….)

Someone asked me last week to stop highlighting the great deal on this Earth Pan set, but you know how you use a word three times and then it’s yours? I only have to point this deal out one more time before I break down and buy myself a set. $115 is a great deal on non-stick cookware that’s not going to poison you the way Teflon supposedly will.

Fact: You could not be unhappy in a kitchen where these mixing bowls live. At $40 I’ve always sort of wistfully admired them; at today’s price of $22, I’m considering them.

If you have stand mixer lust (and really, don’t we all?) today the traditional white KitchenAid Artisan mixer is down to $230, with an available $30 rebate. Just sayin’.

Today’s Amazon Gold Box Deal is a huge variety of Corelle dinnerware sets marked down to just $18 for service for four, which is crazy. (Be sure to click through even if the pictured pattern doesn’t do it for you, because there’s 22 other choices!)

And don’t forget to get your tunes on—I can always find something I “need” in the 50 MP3 albums for just $5 each section.

Maybe they even have NOT AVAILABLE, today. That’s my favorite.


  1. I have those mixing bowls! I pink puffy heart them. I was SAD the other day when I put the pink one in the microwave to warm something, and the bowl cracked. Now I can get a new one!

  2. I have the mixing bowls too, they are wonderful and very cheery on cold winter days.

  3. The little Fulcrum book light for $9 is a good deal.

  4. Amazon has me mad this week. I put a bunch of stuff in my cart on Wednesday, went to buy it Thursday and was told that all of my items would arrive after Christmas, even though if you look the items up it says available for immediate delivery (except one accesory for a Flip camera). I can’t beleive they are already low on stock for some pretty common toys and gizmos.

  5. The Corelle is down to $17.99 now. 🙂

  6. Disregard that note – I thought you said they were $22, not $18.

  7. Hmmm. The mixing bowls are recycled melamine. Tempting. I could pretend I’m buying them for someone else… maybe…

  8. Waited too long on the Corelle….When will I learn? Buy now, ask later…That should be my mantra!

  9. I have read nothing but negative reviews about the *green* pans/pots. Cooks Illustrated for one…I was tempted when seeing them on clearance at Target.

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