By Mir
November 21, 2009
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If you have a child, chances are you’ve already seen David A. Carter’s amazing pop-up books. Maybe you even own a couple. Well, today’s your chance to snag a couple more.

Thanks to the generosity of the fine folks at Simon & Schuster, I have two gorgeous David A. Carter pop-up books to give away, today. First we have Snow Bugs, a fun little winter tale for the 4-8 year old set, and then I also have White Noise, which for some reason is also listed at Amazon as being for ages 4-8, despite the fact that the subtitle of this one is “A Pop-up Book for Children of All Ages.” Frankly, I think White Noise is actually more suitable for older kids or even adults who appreciate paper craft, but whatever. Draw your own conclusions.

One lucky Want Not reader is going to win this pair of books this weekend, and wouldn’t they make awesome holiday gifts? Yes, they would!

Want to win ’em? First, go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Monday, November 23rd, 2009 to be entered. Winner to be determined by random number generation and pop-y-ness. (I’m sure that’s a word, by the way.)

Ready? Go!


  1. Ooooh, my daughter would love these! Both of them! 🙂

  2. My kids are just now old enough not to rip and eat them!!!

  3. Books, yummy books. Especially pop-ups. My daughter would love them.

  4. Books are always welcomed in our home! 🙂 Thanks!

  5. These look adorable and my little one would love them!

  6. lovely!

  7. Love these books!

  8. We have been slowly collecting pop-up books for my daughter. She really cherishes them.

  9. We have many of his books, but not these two! Would love to add them to our collection!

  10. Jess would love this! (she’s 4)

  11. This would knock 2 things off of my holiday shopping list – what could be better?

  12. Boing!!!

  13. My daughter would love these — and so would I! 🙂

  14. I want one, please

  15. I Love pop up books 🙂

  16. We love these books!!!!!

  17. Wow, what a great gift these would be . . .me please!

  18. Oh my grandchildren would love these! Thank you!

  19. My two littlest ones would love these!

  20. I love popup books.

  21. Ooh, lovely!

  22. Would love to win a pair of these books for my two youngest!

  23. My family would love these!

  24. My 7 year old son loves these books!

  25. My children are finally old enough to appreciate pop-up books rather than tearing them up.

  26. Ooohh…always love books!!!!

  27. Books are never a bad thing! 🙂

  28. Pick #29! Love pop-up books!

  29. Books are awesome…pop-ups? Even better!!

  30. sounds pretty neat.

  31. This wouldnd’t be a gift this would be for me, I deserve it becuase I’m poppie.

  32. yes, please! We’re a family book lovers – we’d love to win!

  33. I have both an almost-four-year-old and a much older child (aka husband). These would be perfect!

  34. My girls would love these!

  35. If I win I promise to put on the tag from Santa Mir to my daughter.

  36. Books! Hooray!

  37. I think my nephew may like this.

  38. Oh, my babies would LOVE these!

  39. Those books are gorgeous.

  40. Think I could bribe the random number generator? My daughter would really love these!

  41. It’s pop-up books all time around here!

  42. This is one of the best prizes you’ve offered yet, Mir! Thanks!

  43. My nephew would love there!!

  44. Yay – love these!

  45. We love all books!

  46. Cool!!!!!!!

  47. Love books!

  48. Yay for books!

  49. Heh, I end up fighting over these things with my kid!

  50. We love fancy pop up books at my house!!

  51. My daughter would love these books. Just have to make sure my 2-year old son doesn’t get anywhere near them!

  52. pop, pop, pop me up!

  53. This would be great!!

  54. I’ve always drooled over these books, I’d love to win them!

  55. we would love this!!!

  56. I haven’t read a pop-up book in ages! They’d be so fun.

  57. Some new books would be awesome!!

  58. One can never have enough books.

    Thanks, Mir!

  59. Pop-y-ness is a great word.

  60. These would make GREAT Christmas presents for my son!

  61. My kids would love these, pretty Mir!

  62. Would love to give these as Christmas presents!

  63. These look great for the girls or for gifts…

  64. My kids would love these books!

  65. I would love to give this to my granddaughter!!

  66. Beautiful!

  67. LOVE quality books!

  68. They sound great – thx!

  69. Cool! Pop-up books are just a little magical!

  70. Cute!

  71. Please enter me!

  72. These would make lovely holiday gifts for a little girl with two unemployed parents. Thanks for the opportunity Mir.

  73. Books! Yay books!

  74. Love pop up books over here!

  75. Love pop-up books! Tell the random number generator that the first book would be perfect for my little nephew, and my son would love the second one. 🙂

  76. How wonderful! We love books!

  77. i adore these books!! thanks mir!

  78. hope I win; we love pop up books!

  79. Pop up books are great!

  80. We’d love these!

  81. pop pop pop

  82. Beautiful books!

  83. Books are wonderful.

  84. Cute, cute, cute! Thanks for the giveaway!

  85. Pop-y-ness FTW.

  86. Books?? POP-UP BOOKS?!?!? Why don’t you just let me mainline some heroin!! (Not that I know anything about that, but um, I just really, really love books.) Ahem.

  87. I have pop-i-ness! (as opposed to poopy-ness, though my daughter has THAT covered.)

  88. I would love to win books!

  89. The kids love pop up books!

  90. I LOVE pop up books. Always have! 🙂

  91. My sons would LOVE these!! So would I!!

  92. I love pop-up books, forget the kids!

  93. We would love these!!

  94. I have lots of nieces! They need pop up books! Pick me! 🙂

  95. We love reading and giving books at the holidays!

  96. Hoo-rah for books!

  97. I love well-put-together pop-up books, so I’m interested in passing one of these along to a niece or nephew. 🙂

    Thanks, Mir!

  98. These books are on my wishlist on Amazon!

  99. My 3 kids would love these for their collection!

  100. Yes, please! Thank you!

  101. Books are always good!

  102. Books make the best Christmas gifts!

  103. ONE of these days, I’m gonna win something from you, Mir. Mark my words.

  104. My kids would love to find these under the Christmas tree!

  105. Santa-Mir, please bring these for my boys!

  106. Count me in!

  107. This is quite frankly the best blog ever written.

  108. books, we pink puffy heart books!!!

  109. woo hoo!

  110. We love books!!

  111. Pick me! 😀

  112. Yay books! Thanks for another fun giveaway!

  113. The beautiful but tragically canceled show pushing daisies had an episode that included a pop up book maker. Fun times. I love pop ups!

  114. We love books! Great Christmas Present!!

  115. Oh yea! I am IIINN!!

  116. they’d be a great addition to our pop-up collection

  117. the greats would love these–almost 4 !!!

    Thanks Mir–you’re pretty and shiny today.

  118. I can just picture one, propped up and popped up, under the Christmas tree. Yes, please!

  119. Grandkids will love them!

  120. Thanks Mir!

  121. I love books!

  122. Pick me! Pick me!

  123. I love these books!

  124. My kiddos love these books! Jungle Book is the current fav. We have several already, these would make perfect editions to our library!

  125. Looks like fun!

  126. We love books! We really love FREE books!!

  127. I loved pop up books as a child & would like to pass this appreciation on to my sons.

  128. We love all bugs at our house! Flu bugs, Rotavirus bugs, insect bugs…

    I might actually look forward to having David Carter’s bugs in the house, just for a change of pace. Species. Whatever. 😉

  129. Pick me, please!

  130. This would be great! Thanks for the contests.

  131. Pop!

  132. wow, those look great!

  133. Oooh! I adore pop up books and have a whole collection FOR MYSELF. The children are only allowed to see them if I’M holding the book!

  134. Pop-up books are the best!

  135. Oh this sounds wonderful!

  136. Great giveaway! Thanks

  137. Oh please, oh please, I hope you pick me…I have wanted White Noise for so long….

  138. lovelovelove… These would make a perfect holiday gift for ME!

  139. We love books! We love free stuff! Pick me!

  140. Yes, please!

  141. Would love these! Thanks!

  142. Pick me, pick me!

  143. Would love to win some books!

  144. I’m in on any book deal! Books are best!
    Thanks for the contest.

  145. Thank you, Mir!!

  146. My son would love these!

  147. Pick me! Pick me!



  148. Would love these! Thanks Mir!

  149. please pick me!

  150. Wow, great contest!

  151. Pop!

  152. Might make an awesome teacher present too!

  153. Thanks! I’d love to win!

  154. I love to give books for gifts!!

  155. Count me in!

  156. Book are the bomb! Pop up books are even more awesome.

  157. We love to read…and could use a new book to throw into the mix!

  158. would love that for my kiddos!

  159. Neat-o!

  160. My kid LOVES pop up books! This would be awesome!!!

  161. Yea! We love pop up books!

  162. I’m the Pop-y-est!

  163. I could be the COOLEST g’ma.

  164. These books look awesome. Thanks.

  165. Pop-y!

  166. My two little monsters love books!

  167. This would be a fabulous gift for my niece.

  168. I ADORE pop-up books!

  169. Beautiful. We’d love to add these to our bookshelf.

  170. Perfect gift for my daughter- pick me!!

  171. These books look adorable!!

  172. Sounds cute!

  173. What a great way to get the niece shopping done!

  174. Way cool!!

  175. yes please such lovely books!!

  176. Keeping our fingers crossed!

  177. Yay, great stocking stuffers!

  178. ooooooh, prettiest Mir, please pick me!

  179. With four little ones here, I know they’d be loved.

  180. Me too….4 little kids who LOVE LOVE LOVE books!!! Pick me!!! 🙂

  181. Who doesn’t love a pop-up book?

  182. Yes, please!!!

  183. These would thrill my little girl!! 🙂

  184. Would LOVE to have White Noise

  185. I have great memories of the joys of pop-up books, and would love to be able to give these to my kiddo. Thanks for the giveaway!

  186. My boys would love these!

  187. My first pop-up book was about dinosaurs, probably 28 years ago. And I can still picture it in my mind. So, big pop-up book fan.

  188. This would be a great book for the kiddos!

  189. I promise I will protect them from the toddler until she can handle the thrill without ripping…

  190. Thanks for the giveaway- sounds great.

  191. My kids love pop-up books! These look especially fun.

  192. Pretty please with sugar on top. And a cherry.

  193. We love popup books – it is always (usually) a family reading event, because of course we love reading together and I ensure these beautiful books stay intact! 😉

    Thanks, Mir!

  194. cool pick me please random generator

  195. a comment

  196. Fabulous!

  197. Books! We love books.

  198. One for Abbie and one for Sam. Perfect.

  199. Poppity pop pop! I know a kid and a kid-like adult who would love these!!

  200. Awesome! Thanks, Mir!

  201. My kids would love these books!

  202. Woot!

  203. oooh ohh ohhh (struck speechless)

  204. Those are great!

  205. This would be amazing! Thank you!

  206. Count me in!

  207. Remember…I way too young to sleep with a grandpa, but it is inevitable, so these would be great for a new grandma

  208. oh i’ve got my fingers crossed!!!!

  209. Those look cool!

  210. I have 2 in that age group, and I am in the “all ages” so that’s three!

  211. Really cool books!

  212. I’m already getting books like this & putting them away for my son (for an age when he won’t destroy them). I bet these would be awesome!

  213. I would love these for my children!

  214. My 4 year old has fallen in love with books and be thrilled to get one

  215. My son loves pop up books! Thanks for reminding me we need to add a few of these to our Christmas shopping list.

  216. Pop and fresh!

  217. ooh awesome!

  218. These sound so neat

  219. these books would be great gifts for my kids!

  220. Fun!!

  221. Wonderful books.

  222. I’m 28 and I still read pop up books all by myself.

  223. Always looking for a great gift and these would be great for my niece and nephew.

  224. My kids would love these, oh lovely Mir.

  225. I’d love it!

  226. Your random number generator is so pretty.

  227. Yes, please!

  228. Oooh! Sounds awesome!

  229. This would be an awesome prize to win! I’m not sure if I’d give them away or just be selfish and keep them for myself! (I am, after all, a child of all ages!)

  230. *in a British accent*: “it’s a pop-up!” 🙂
    pick me, please!

  231. I know a little girl in Pennsylvania who would love these!

  232. Yay! Pop-up books! My girls love them!

  233. Thanks Mir!

  234. These two are missing from my collection thus far.

  235. our entire family loves pop-up books. . .

  236. I love those books, and we don’t have any yet.


  237. My daughter loves pop ups!

  238. Perfect gift for my kiddies!

  239. Me!

  240. I love beautiful books.

  241. My daughter would LOVE this!

  242. We’d love this!

  243. We love books!!

  244. My daughter would love these books!!!!

  245. Many days my children have more inherent pop-y-ness than I can handle, but we would all LOVE these books!

  246. Entering!

  247. My kiddos will love these!

  248. we love books!

  249. me please

  250. I’d like to enter (and win!)

  251. I love books!!!!

  252. Great gifts for grandkids!

  253. My daughter and I would LOVE these books. 🙂

  254. My class would loooove these books!

  255. thank you!

  256. These are gorgeous books, and we’d love them. Thanks!

  257. I have to admit, if I don’t win these, I’ll buy them.

  258. please

  259. I’m in.

  260. I would love these!

  261. What a great contest – I’d love to win these.

  262. Sounds wonderful , thanks!

  263. me1 me! pick me! we are lovers of books for all ages!

  264. want it!! thanks

  265. Books are good. Free books are even better.

  266. These would make great Christmas gifts!

  267. Those look great!

  268. More books is always a good thing.

  269. Pop up please!

  270. My whole family loves these books – us please 🙂

  271. These are great books! Thanks for another fabulous contest!

  272. We love books!

  273. My two little one’s would love these books.

  274. I LOVE his books, they are so beautiful. All of my children would enjoy these, and me too!

  275. I have three little boys that would love these books!

  276. My little monkeys love PoP-Up books!

  277. Yes, please!

  278. Oooh fun!

  279. Me me me! Pick me!

  280. We love pop-ups, and we are now ALL at the age that we don’t tear them up:)

  281. Me, please!!

  282. We love pop-up books!

  283. Awesome giveaway! Thanks Mir!

  284. mememememe!

  285. We love these.

  286. Awesome books! Do I have to share them with my kids? LOL!

  287. always appreciate books for the munckhin….

  288. Yay! Books to keep far away from my kids for a long time. 🙂 Well, they can look but not touch.

  289. Me me me me! Please?

  290. Yes, please! My Littles will love them!

  291. yeahhhhh count me in

  292. These sound great, thank you!

  293. oohhh we love pop up books!!

  294. I’m popping in an entry too!

  295. Oh these would be great!

  296. We love the complex pop up books!

  297. They look great.

  298. looks like fun!!

  299. My son is totally into Origami and would love these!

  300. We collect pop ups, what a great contest!

  301. We love books in our house. These would be great!

  302. We would looooooooove to win this one. 🙂 Someday that random number generator is going to pick our number…I’m waiting. 🙂

  303. We so love books. I love some excitement when I read to my little girl.

  304. Pop-up books are the best! Please, please, random number generator…pick me! 😉

  305. They sound like hours of cold, indoor winter fun!

  306. Sounds perfect!

  307. books are the best!

  308. We love books!

  309. Whoa…Pop Up galore! Did anyone else get a zillion and one Pop Ups on their computer when they clicked the link???? Yikes!!!!

  310. Cool! Thanks, Mir!

  311. I love pop-ups (and hope to pass that love onto my own daughter one day).

  312. We love any kind of books, but pop-ups are some of our faves!

  313. What a great gift!

  314. Sounds good!

  315. Oh my, yes!

  316. My 4-year-old daughter would LOVE those!

  317. Me, me!

  318. Gimme. Please.

  319. So great for my kids. thanks!

  320. We always love books!

  321. One can never have too many books!

  322. My kids *love* pop-up books!

  323. What a great give away with the holidays approaching!

  324. Books are the greatest gifts!!

  325. Pop up books! Holidays! Yay!

  326. Christmas gifts!

  327. How cool! We love books of all sorts in our house so these would be great Christmas gifts!

  328. We love David Carter’s books! Just in time for Christmas. Did I make it in before the deadline?

  329. Great – thank you!

  330. I just discovered some of David Carter’s books. Thank you for introducing another and also for the age tip regarding White Noise.

  331. me me me please

  332. Ooooooh. These sound cool – for the kids and adults. Yes, please.

  333. Thanks for the giveaway – Pick me! Pick me! 😉

  334. Looks delightful!! Choose me please!!

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