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By Mir
November 21, 2009
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Hey, I never did the Hallmark contest winners. That’s coming next (I didn’t forget! I just saw something shiny!), pinky swear.

Today I’ll be digging out my house in preparation for company and the holiday, but you could certainly get a little shopping done while I’m doing that….

The Target Daily Deals today include a nice accessory pack for the Nintendo DS, and a set of pots and pans for $50. I probably wouldn’t buy those pans as my ultimate set, or anything, but for a kid headed to his first college apartment or something, why not?

There’s all kinds of specials at this weekend with shoes under $15, which is a great time to declare that you’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and doggone it, you deserve some pretty shoes.

Get your sugar shock on over at the Amazon Gold Box, today—they’ve got a deluxe gingerbread house set for $20. (No, I don’t know it it comes with supplemental dental insurance.)

Speaking of Amazon, did you know they sell refurbished Kindles? They do, and they come with a full year’s warranty and a 30-day return policy. The price has just dropped on these babies to just $189 shipped. Just click on “See all buying options” and scroll down to the “Refurbished” section. This could be how that Kindle you thought you couldn’t afford becomes your ultimate holiday gift.

Power Hours are on at Kohls, and everything in the store is on sale. Of course. Everyone can use coupon code SHOPEARLY today for 20% off, and shipping is free on orders of $50+, automatically. Have a Kohls card? Use FREE4MVC for free shipping on any size order.

Alright, contest winners are coming up, as is your weekend chance to win. Don’t go away!


  1. They also sell the refurbished Kindle1 for $149. I would go for the K1 refurb if I was buying a new one (I have a K2 and a K1 already)

  2. Denise, what are the differences between the K1 and K2?

  3. I know what you meant to write, but an ultimate set of pants is a great visual. 🙂

  4. I was looking at the Kindles. My 10 yr old daughter would LOVE this, but I am unsure if there is enough age appropriate reading material to make the investment, even in a refurb…anyone know?

  5. Anette- I got my 12 year old daughter a refurb K1 as a Christmas gift, there are loads of books available.

    Differences between K1 and K2 – K1 has replaceable battery and SD card slot are the main differences. After that, it is pretty much price. K1 is a bit more bulky, doesn’t have text-to-speech option (and not all books have it anyway). I think the K1 is more kid friendly because it does have a bit more bulk. K1 (even refurbs) come with a cover, K2 you have to buy it. K1 is a wall charge only, K2 is wall or USB charge.

    Check and they can give pics and answer all kinds of questions.

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