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By Mir
November 23, 2009
Category Contests

My husband cleaned up the mud on the carpet. Have I mentioned that I really like that guy? Because I do. I think I’ll keep him.

This has allowed me to come out from under my desk so that I can tell you about today’s contest. It doesn’t involve broken appliances or mud on the carpet. Hooray! Nope, this is about that perfect-for-anyone gift, digital photo frames. Specifically, this is about the Pandigital PanTouch Clear 8″ digital photo frame, where the display appears to “float” your photos on clear glass. I’m going to use a highly technical term to describe the resultant effect, and that term is awesometastic. This would bring some pizazz to any room, some joy to any Christmas tree, and some forgiveness to anyone in need of some, I’m certain. (Not that you’ve done anything wrong. I may be projecting just a little.)

One lucky Want Not reader is going to win this Pandigital frame from me, and it might be you. Want to enter? First, go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (that’s 8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Wednesday, November 25th, 2009 to be entered. Winner to be determined by random number generation and general float-oscity. Or something. But definitely the random number thing.

Ready? Go!


  1. I still don’t own a digital frame… would love this!

  2. Lucky #2.

  3. Pick me!

  4. Maybe, we’d actually see some pictures I take if we had a digital frame!

  5. That would be nice!

  6. Would love to load this with grandchildren pictures and give it to my parents!

  7. This would be a great gift, really cool!

  8. With a new baby on the way, this would be really awesome!

  9. My daughter-in-law has wanted one of these since I met her!

  10. This would be great!

  11. Totally cool, and Mir….have a pretty day!

  12. I LOVE these frames, but have always given them away. If I could win one, perhaps I would be able to keep it for myself…

  13. I would love this frame. Thank you.

  14. A great present.

  15. Ooh! I have awesome float-oscity! Here’s hoping that two Erins can win in one week! 🙂

  16. too cool, love it!!

  17. This would be a great gift! Great giveaway! Thanks Mir!

  18. I would love one of these! Thank you,

  19. I would love to have a digital frame!!

  20. Sounds like a wonderful frame. Thanks for the contest.

  21. Does posting a comment on a contest thread constitute doing Christmas shopping? Because I’m totally counting it…

  22. YAY! YAY! YAY! Pick me!

  23. This would be a great Christmas gift for mah honey. SMILE on me, RNG! SMILE!

  24. OOOHHHHHH! WANT! For me!

  25. This would make a nice christmas gift 🙂 Thanks!

  26. What a great gift for the grandparents!

  27. Sounds neat. I would love to win it!

  28. What a cool frame – would love it!

  29. Me, please!

  30. I would love an awesometastic frame!

  31. This would be a great gift for my folks please!

  32. Winning this would be superawesometastic.

  33. Awesometastic…I could go for some of that!

  34. I’ve always wanted one of these!!! SO COOL!!

  35. I’m in!

  36. Wow…that is very cool. I’ve been holding off on buying a digital frame, so maybe I’ll get lucky and win one!

  37. Wow. It would be really hard to give this away as a gift. I want one for myself!

  38. Sounds like a great gift!

  39. Don’t have it.
    Would love it.
    Please give it.

  40. How nice – count me in!

  41. This would be fabulous! Just what I need to display all the pics I take of my kids!

  42. Love it! Thanks for the chance to win!

  43. I could really use an early Christmas present…

  44. What an awesome giveaway! Pick me. please!

  45. Cool!

  46. pick me pick me!

  47. Awesome!!! PICK ME!!! 🙂

  48. I would love to see my beautiful family ALL the time!!!!

  49. I’d love it.

  50. I’d love to win this! 😉

  51. Me me me!

  52. so cool!

  53. I’d love to win this– perfect holiday present for my mom!

  54. Given that we have lots of pictures of the cutest children ever (yes, I would be their mom!), this would be fantastic. Thanks!

  55. This would make my husband plotz.

  56. I asked for one for Christmas. If I win it I can ask for something else!

  57. this would make a wonderful gift 🙂

  58. pretty please!

  59. I would love to give this to one of my kid’s great-grandparents.

  60. My sister in law asked for one of these – that would be great to win one!

  61. This would be cool! I didn’t know that these existed, maybe I should come out from under my rock more often.

  62. Did I mention I took 890 pics in September ALONE? I so need a digital frame! Thanks!

  63. This would be a great gift for the grandparents!

  64. Yes please!

  65. Cool!

  66. Pretty please.

  67. This would be fabulous for my mother in law! I could sent memory sticks to her and she could always have pic of her grandkids!
    Yes – please pick me 😉

  68. I would love one of these!

  69. Oooh, this looks awesome. I’ve bought three people digital photo frames, it would be nice to have my own!

  70. Oh wow. My MIL would LOVE this. But its just so awesome, I might just have to keep it for myself..
    I guess I’ll have to decide when I win. 🙂

    Pick me!

  71. AWSOME!

  72. Ooooh I likey!

  73. That is super duper!

  74. This is awesome and will save me a lot of space!

  75. I enjoy the website!

  76. I keep buying digital photo frames as gifts, and have none for myself! I would love an AWESOMETASTIC one!

  77. i’m in.

  78. Would really dig this! Thanks!

  79. My lucky number…

  80. Now THAT is very cool.

  81. How very very cool! Although I’d be tempted to gift it to someone else, I’d totally keep this one for myself 🙂

  82. I love this! Or, I would love this if I won it!

  83. Please!

  84. I think I would have to actually keep this for myself. The hinting for a digital frame is going nowhere in my house.

  85. We would love this.

  86. I would love this!

  87. Just in time for Christmas!

  88. Wow, this does look amazing!

  89. you bet I’d love that! thanks, pretty Mir

  90. so cool!

  91. Yay! Would be fantastic!

  92. Sounds fabulous!

  93. Would love to give this to the grandparents. Thanks for the chance!

  94. I have been wanting a digital picture frame forever! Pick me!

  95. Sounds awesome. Count me in!

  96. Oh yes please!!!

  97. The picture frame would be a perfect gift for my in-laws who have almost everything expect this! Pick ME!!!!!

  98. pick me, random number generator! pick me!

  99. Wow, I would LOVE a digital picture frame, and this one sounds….dare I say it…..AWESOMETASTIC?!

  100. I need a Christmas gift for my step-mom, and this would be PERFECT! Thanks, Mir!

  101. Sounds wonderful!

  102. cool!

  103. What a pretty frame! I am making photo books for my parents this year. I am in the process scanning old pictures from their childhood to combine with more recent pictures of their children and grandchildren. This would make a great accompaniment!

  104. Oh, what fun this would be!

  105. Would love this!

  106. Please pick me! I would love to give this perfect Christmas gift!

  107. Pick me!

  108. Looks Great..I’m in! 🙂

  109. grandparents would love it

  110. love it!

  111. If I won, THAT would be awesometastic! Thanks 🙂

  112. Ooooh, thank you!

  113. Awesome! My husband would love this for his office.

  114. Hi and please?

  115. This would be great!!

  116. Please enter me, thank you!

  117. this would be very cool, pick me! 🙂

  118. Me, me, pretty please!

    Thank you!

  119. I predict this one will get A LOT of entries! I wish I could also predict that I will win! 😀

  120. What a perfect gift!

  121. I would love this.

  122. Perfect gift for a grandparent!

  123. I know the perfect dad who would luv luv love this frame!!!

  124. This would be a perfect gift for my impossible-to-shop-for in-laws!

  125. Yep. I’m in yet, again!

  126. Woot! Awesome contest just as I’m reactivated for such contest thingies! (Don’t mind me or my grammar. I’m already baking for Thanksgiving and my brain is coated and flour and possibly Caro syrup.)

    Thanks, Mir!

  127. Wow, that sounds great!

  128. How perfect! I just bought my first digital camera 3 weeks ago and took it with me on a trip to Papua New Guinea. I have some amazing pictures just screaming to be displayed in that frame!

  129. I have one digital frame that I never use because the photos look funny.

  130. ooooh…. that would be awesome!!

  131. I’m in!

  132. Wow, that would be great! I could use it to display some of my digital scrapbooking pages. Thanks!

  133. Oh, this would be great for Grandma!

  134. OMG, we were planning on getting a much cheaper version for the IL’s this would be MUCH nicer!

    PS listening to my free MP3s-thanks!!!

  135. This would make a great gift! Who am I kidding… I would keep this for me!

  136. Yes, please!

  137. Please pick me!!

  138. That sounds really cool!

  139. ooooh, sounds unique

  140. great!

  141. my mom would love one…


  143. I love these and haven’t convinced myself to buy one yet. Free would be even better!

  144. This sounds just awesome! Would love to fill one with pics for the grandparents…

  145. This would make an awesome gift for my parents who are soon-to-be brand new grandparents! Thanks, Mir!

  146. Ooh – that would be wonderful gift for my parents!Or…me 😉

  147. This would be photo-tastic! Thanks Mir.

  148. Looks wonderful!

  149. I love new words and I don’t have a digital frame. I think I would load it up and give it to my mom.

  150. So cool to see the grands floating in pics!

  151. I think I may need a napkin for all the drool.

  152. I have the cutest children in the world (fo’ real, y’all) and I would LOVE to have them floating around in a picture frame.

  153. Oh pick me pick me! Please?

  154. My kids would love this!

  155. This would be awesometastic!

  156. This would be a great way to atone for us living 500 miles away from the grandparents when grand baby #2 was born…because moving here was so my idea…

  157. Thanks, Mir!

  158. Very cool!

  159. Oh, how cool! I have wanted to try out one of these.

  160. How cool would that be! I’ve always wanted one!

  161. sounds really cool!

  162. I have a new grandbaby on the way and would love to have this
    to display the millions of pictures that I will make.

  163. new grandbaby on the way ….. would love to have this
    to display the millions of pictures that I will make.

  164. ohhh, it’s so pretty and shiny! And your so pretty and shiny, Mir! Please pick me! (Did I metion that your pretty?!) Pick me!

  165. How lovely! I’d love one.

  166. How cool.

  167. This looks really neat.

  168. Neat!

  169. This would be an awesome gift for the kids to give Daddy for Christmas or his birthday in January!

  170. awesometastic!

  171. My wife really wants one of these for Christmas!

  172. I just love awesometastic stuff!

  173. Spectacular!!!

  174. Thanks Mir!

  175. Amazing enough to generate an adjective? I want it!

  176. Awesometastic! I would love to give this to my parents for Christmas.

  177. yay, sounds good to me

  178. My daughter would LOVE this! Pick me! Pick ME!

  179. That Does look awesometastic.

  180. Totally cool! Thanks for the giveaway!

  181. My digital photo frame recently died and I’ve been looking to replace it. This would be a great choice!

  182. My mom is a technology-savvy grandma, bet she’d love it!

  183. I’m so glad Otto got the mud cleaned up. Yay Otto!

  184. oh my gosh, spaz… i’ve planned out every penny of my christmas budget for my husband, and am getting him a digital frame – but if i could get him an awesometastic one AND have more money to spend? i would be the coolest wife ever. heck, i might even be awesometastic myself.

  185. Otto rocks! And I would love this frame =o)

  186. Oooh, I want.

  187. What a lovely frame! Would make a great gift. Thanks!

  188. I would love this!

  189. That is amazing. Awesometastic is a great word, too.

  190. Me Me Me

  191. Oooo, shiny!

  192. I am dying for one of these!

  193. Awesome…we would love it 🙂

  194. I bought my in-laws a digital picture frame for Christmas a couple of years ago, but have yet to splurge for one of our own. Would love to have one! *G*

  195. Oh Please me!!!!

  196. I am keeping all my fingers and toes crossed!

  197. Ooh! Pretty!

  198. Pick me! Pick me! 🙂


  199. Awesometastic, love it. Pick me.

  200. Pick me please!

  201. Ohhh, this would be the perfect way to get all of our family photos out of the closet that is our external hard drive! and Hubby would love it…

  202. Ooooh! Love!

  203. another year, another series of days lost to your site Mir.. thanks again for all ya do!

  204. My toddler loves my parents’ digital photo frame. She grabs a tiny red chair, sits in front of it and gets so excited that she squeals out everyone’s names. Needless to say, I would love to have one at our house too!

  205. I’ve been anti-digital frames for awhile. My friend has one and I’ve come to love it! Please pick me!! I’d love to win my very first digital phone frame 🙂

  206. You have the best giveaways! I have been looking at buying a digital frame.

  207. This would be an awesome Christmas gift for the in-laws!

  208. Would finally display photos with this!

  209. I have wanted one since they first existed! Thanks, Mir, and a happy Thanksgiving to you.

  210. Oh wow. Yes, please, oh please. This is a great giveaway. I’m drooling. Is that wrong? I’m okay with that.

    Thanks, Mir.

  211. I never win! Please rectify that. Pretty please???

  212. Oooh! We have been talking about getting one of these! Please?

  213. This would be an awesome gift for the hubby!!

  214. This would be a great addition to the digital camera I got my mom for Christmas! Pick me!

  215. Lovely!

  216. oh pick pick pretty please!

  217. This would make a fantastic gift for my mom!

  218. Would love for my first digital frame to be this one! I’ve bought ’em before for gifts, but howzabout a gift for moi??

  219. Pretty please with sugar on top!

  220. Sounds great!

  221. Could REALLY use some awesometasticness about now…

  222. I want one of these so badly for my husband, so he can have pictures of our daughter at work!

  223. I would love it. Thanks!

  224. Oh flotastic randomesquer – please pick me… 🙂

  225. So cool, Mir! We still haven’t picked up a digital frame yet.

  226. Have a fancy printer bought specially for printing pictures. Still haven’t printed them. This would be great!

  227. We have been checking these out forever. Would love to have one.

  228. This looks like a great gift!

  229. Ooooh!

  230. This would be awesome-tastic 🙂

  231. This would be great! 🙂

  232. This would make a great gift and I have someone in mind!

  233. Cool! My pictures would love to float!

  234. This would be a wonderful gift for some certain grandparents I know! 😀

  235. It does sound awesomatastic. Please count me in!

  236. I alays hav a lot of pics.

  237. pics are terrific

  238. I have always wanted one of these!

  239. Whoo! Pick me!

  240. Wow this sounds nifty!

  241. I’m getting married soon and this would be a fantastic way to display our photos

  242. awesometastic!

  243. I need a digital frame very badly! Please pick me oh random number generator!!!

  244. Wow, awesome! We would love this!

  245. I would LOVE a digital photo frame!

  246. Oooh! My parents would absolutely love this (who wouldn’t!)

  247. awesome

  248. If I win can I wrap it up and give it to myself for Christmas? I’d love to have a digital frame for work.

  249. And, Merry Christmas to you too:)

  250. ME!! 🙂

  251. Would love it!!!

  252. Ooo! Still haven’t gotten around to getting one of these and would love to have one.

    Happy Turkey Day!

  253. I got my dad one for Christmas last year and he really likes it. Of course, it was just a regular digital picture frame. i do not believe there was anything awesomtastic about it.

  254. You’re soooo pretty!

  255. Great!!

  256. I would love this! I think I might just keep it all for myself if I win.

  257. I’d love to join the 21st century!

  258. always get these for family, never for myself… would LOVE one!!!

  259. This would be great. Thanks!

  260. Would love this for a certain grandma!

  261. Awesometastic indeed!

  262. This would make a great entrance for me into the world of digital frames squealed the very excited Mom!

  263. This would be a great gift for my parents! Please pick me, random number generator!

  264. pick me!

  265. this would be cool gift, maybe i shd buy it myself

  266. Would love one!

  267. This sounds awesome. Count me in.

  268. Floating pictures. Awesome.

  269. Very cool!

  270. sounds great!

  271. too cool! Please pick me!! 🙂

  272. What a great gift for ME! Would love this! Thanks for the chance to win.

  273. oooh, yeah! Perfect grandparent gift!

  274. I’ve been wanting to get one of these for my spouse (shhh, don’t tell)! Thanks for another great contest!

  275. Such a pretty giveaway from such a pretty lady!

  276. count me in!

  277. Could this FINALLY be my turn??

  278. Me!!

  279. I looooove digital photo frames! They are so fun!

  280. Awesome Christmas gift!!

  281. awesome! pick me random number generator thing!

  282. awesometastic!

  283. we need one of these

  284. awesome!

  285. I’ve been drooling over that thing! 🙂 Would be amazing to have!

  286. Oh, my!!!

  287. I want it I want it I want it, Please

  288. Awesometastic!

  289. That would look so nice on my desk at work . . .

  290. Crossing a set of fingers on this one!

  291. I would love this!

  292. Would love this!!! Thanks for offering it!

  293. I’d love it!

  294. I need this for my in laws

  295. oh! this sounds exciting! and shiny!

  296. Great contest!

  297. Ooo, this would be a great gift…for ME!!

  298. todd would love this!

  299. what an awesome present!!!

  300. I think I could handle some “awesometastic” about now.

  301. Pick 303! Thanks!

  302. Oh, that sounds awesome! And just in time for the holidays, too!

  303. what an awesome prize!! please pick me!

  304. Cool gift for the grandparents- pick me lovely random number generator!

  305. I would really like this frame, oh and did I mention how lovely you are? 🙂

  306. Love it!

  307. pick me, pretty please!

  308. This would be awesome! Thanks for the contest!

  309. Wow! Mir, you are just so stinkin’ pretty with these awesome contests!

  310. : )

  311. I’ve been eyeing the digital picture frames but have yet to break down & buy one. Would love to win this, thanks Mir!

  312. This would make a great gift…for ME!!

  313. yay! We need to get the pictures off the memory cards.

  314. Have a great turkey day…and yes what a great prize this picture frame would be too.

  315. Oh this would be great!

  316. Ooh, floaty!

    Thanks, Mir!

  317. I would love one!

  318. I’v bought two and still don’t have one…

  319. Pick me!

  320. I’ve been wanting one of these! Thanks for another great contest!

  321. Yah!

  322. This would be great! Thanks!

  323. Would my MIL enjoy this! I hope, I pray, as I am awful at choosing gifts!


  324. woohoo! sounds neat!

  325. count me in please

  326. me, please!

  327. Sounds Groovy! I’d love it!

  328. Throwing my hat in the ring. I would love to win. 🙂

    Thanks, Mir!

  329. Count me in!

  330. This sounds wonderful. Thanks for the chance to win.


  331. Maybe I’ll get lucky this time! Here’s hoping!!

  332. me please

  333. Oooh! My mother has been begging for one of these – it’d make the perfect Christmas gift – exactly what she wants and no money required from me! Thanks, Mir!

  334. We would love a digital frame! thanks

  335. Thanks Mir!

  336. Pick me, pretty Mir!

  337. I’d love to win this! Thanks, Mir.

  338. This would be perfect for my mom!

  339. Perfect.

  340. This would be awesome!

  341. Oh, this would make me so very happy.

  342. Cool! I would love this for my office!

  343. Oh how I would love thee!

  344. so cool! I think I would keep this for myself!

  345. Could this be the random lucky winner?

  346. Would love to win this. Thanks.

  347. My fiance’ wants one of these for xmas. I sure hope i win it.

  348. This would be great for my mom…she is the person on my Christmas shopping list that truly “has everything”! (Everything but a digital frame that is!)

  349. Perfect gift!!

  350. This sounds awesome. Love your blog. Thanks

  351. What a great item!

  352. would love to win this!

  353. I’m hoping to find one cheap after Christmas, but winning one would be better!

  354. Wow! this would be great.

  355. sounds pretty neat. i love my digital frame i got for christmas a few years ago. but floating on glass sounds beautiful!!

  356. pick me! please 🙂

  357. I would love this!

  358. Lucky #360 right here!

  359. I need this. I have a small desk and a small child who is incredibly cute.

  360. Lucky # 362 here I come!

  361. Pick me, Pick me!!!

  362. I love this frame!

  363. Great Christmas gift. Pick me please!!!

  364. This would be a perfect grandparents gift!!!

  365. Sounds great! Pick me!

  366. I would love to sit this on my desk at work.

  367. That sounds pretty cool!

  368. The Grandparents would LOVE this!

  369. Me please!!

  370. What a great gift for the grandparents! Yipppeeee!

  371. I’d love to give this to my mom for Christmas!

  372. How cool is that?

  373. How are awesome are you!? Love your blog by the way!! Pick me!!

  374. I’m getting in line now.

  375. Ooh, that is cool. Thanks.

  376. You are the online version of Santa Claus!!! Love it!!

  377. Oh yeah this is awesome! Thanks Mir!

  378. I would love this!

  379. What a neat frame! I would love to win it!

  380. very pretty.

  381. Oh I would love this!

  382. a fantabulous place to show off the thousands of pictures of my boys!!!!

  383. WOW, awesome giveaway. Love you Mir, love your contests!

  384. That sounds terrific……Maybe I’ll be a winner this time.

  385. I would love to have this one! I have been wanting to give my mother-in-law one of these for Christmas. What a nice gift!

  386. This would make my Mom’s day!

  387. Beautiful! It would make a great gift but I love it so much I would have to keep it for myself 🙂

  388. hoping to win

  389. I want that!

  390. This DOES sound awesometastic! (my new favorite word btw)

  391. what a great giveaway!

  392. This is what I wanted to get my son’s teacher. I have some amazing photos of the class from field trips and parties. I figured a digital frame would be nice year after year. She could change out the photos or even just take it home and use it there for her own photos. I am crossing my fingers.

  393. I would love this. Pictures are kind of my very favorite thing.

  394. i’m in

  395. me me me me me. or you.

  396. I’m so glad I kept checking back in your posts. Computer time is hard to come by at the in-laws. PLease pick me!

  397. I’m in! But I must say, it is QUITE unfair of you, posting it all over town (well, OK, Facebook) like that. How will I ever win if there are all these other people entering? Sheesh!

  398. Add my name to the hat!

  399. I would LOVE one of these!

  400. My husband has been wanting one of these – it would be an awesoem Christmas present for him!

  401. I like that!

  402. I’ve bought digital frames for everyone in my family, but I still don’t own one myself.
    PICK ME!!

  403. Look at me entering from my iPhone in Missouri. 🙂

  404. Oooh! Pick me! Pick me!! Pretty please, pretty Mir!! 🙂

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