For the big kids

By Mir
November 25, 2009

First off, I feel compelled to tell you that these are less dirty than they sound. Honest.

That said, have you heard of Bucky Balls? I hadn’t, but they’re apparently little earth magnets—super strong—that can be used to create all kinds of creations.

Amazon has that set for $30 with a $5 credit at checkout, so quite a bit cheaper than they are elsewhere. Very cool, but not for kids under 12 or households with small creatures who might try to eat some delicious earth magnet snacks.

(And a bonus: I found those by accident while I was looking at Qwirkle, which is down to $20 and is a 5-star, award-winning smartypants game I’ve been stalking. )


  1. I wonder why folks are frequently buying “Blazing Saddles” to go with their Quirkle?

  2. I’ve had my eye on Qwirkle too (my son loves SET)…but thought I’d wait for a discount on Qwirkle Cubes. Maybe. Decisions…decisions…

  3. I’m always afraid my dog will eat things like this even if my kids don’t.

  4. Qwirkle is one of our absolute favorite games! All ages can play together, and all varieties of intelligence: math intelligent, visual intelligent, pattern intelligent. I can’t recommend it enough. Get it!

  5. I put Qwirkle on the list I gave the Aunts and Grandmas for my kids… let’s hope one of them buys it!

  6. Yeh yeh yeh you said balls. Why yes I am a 12 year old boy! 🙂

  7. Qwirkle is our number 1 favorite family game! We love it! I totally recommend that Santa get this for your family this year!

  8. And here is where I’m a nerd. Look up Buckminster Fuller. Genius. Although he is the reason that some of our parents lived in friggin’ geodesic domes, for awhile there. (Bucky Balls = Buckminster Fuller)

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