It’s like double the Friday goodness

By Mir
November 27, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Haaaaaaa! I’ve been up for nearly five hours, and I just now realized that in addition to all of the Black Friday stuff, Amazon is having their regular Friday Sale, too. That makes me laugh, for some reason. Granted, the reason may be general punchiness from getting up so early, but whatever.

There’s a few good deals on the usual suspects, and a great assortment of K-cups if you’re short on coffee.

I, for example, am short on coffee. On account of I drank it all before 6:00 this morning. Notthatthat’saffectingmeinanyway. Whyareyoulookingatmelikethat??


  1. Make more coffee and plan on a nap! XOXO

  2. Why, they are just trying to be politically correct. Ya know for those who choose not to celebrate Black Friday!

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