When you’re done with gifts

By Mir
November 27, 2009

Don’t forget to pick yourself up a nice pair of new shoes. You know, because you worked so hard today finding things for everyone else. You totally deserve it.

There are, of course, your daily options at 6pm.com. You probably saw those earlier, when we were all squealing over the Flips and the Blu-ray deal.

At Famous Footwear, it’s buy one, get one half off, plus you can use coupon code THNKS09 for an additional 20% off your entire order.

At Endless.com, they’re offering 30% off slippers, boots, handbags and sunglasses, automatically.

At Shoes.com you can use code YAMS all day today to save an additional 25% on sale items (yay for sale on a sale, my favorite kind).

And finally, Shoebuy.com is giving 20% off of everything with coupon code FRIDAY, today only.

If you can’t find a single pair of shoes you need amongst those options, well, I’m afraid maybe I really don’t know you after all.

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  1. Mir, I’ve reached the end of the deals so far, and I have to say that you are just so awesome. I am so glad I don’t have to track down these deals myself!

    So far I have a cartload at Target and that’s all, but I haven’t really looked at Amazon yet.

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