Contest winner and post-Black Friday

By Mir
November 28, 2009

Woooooooo! I don’t know about you, but yesterday was a wild ride for me. Quite honestly I hadn’t expected to buy anything; I was ready to spend the day enabling all of you, but as the saying goes, there were a few deals I simply couldn’t pass by. I would share my awesome scores, but certain people who shall be recipients of my scores read this site, so I’ll just have to make meaningful eyebrows at the rest of you and ask you to share your best scores from yesterday (either online or in the stores, if you braved the crowds).

In the meantime, in all of the excitement of the last few days, I’ve been remiss in selecting the winner of the Pandigital photo frame contest. The good news about the holiday, though, is that for the first time in forever, I didn’t have two dozen late entries into the contest (heh). Regardless, over 400 of you hoped to get lucky on this one—heck, I’m a little jealous of the prize, myself—and now I’m about to make someone’s day. According to our handy-dandy random number generator, our winner is commenter 275, Carrie. Congratulations, Carrie—please check your email!

As always, big thanks to all who played, and special thanks to Pandigital and their helpers at MJ Marketing for the extremely generous prize donation. (I love playing Santa, but as you know, I’m kind of cheap and miserly, so it’s the lavish generosity of companies like these that make the contests here at Want Not possible.)

I’ll have a few Saturday deals coming up, and of course there’s more contests coming up and more chances to win.

In the meantime, tell me: What was your best find yesterday?


  1. Ann Taylor shirt for $5?
    Playdoh (24 pack) for $6.99 (great teacher gift for Christmas/beginning of year…picked up 2)
    Favorite is probably the baskets for toys for my living room that I got at Michael’s Thursday…40% off + coupon for 25% off….6 baskets with liners for $62

  2. A few stores in Canada participated in “black friday” (even though everyone has a regular work week here) and I had a late start to work. So, I was able to get the LAST garage door opener on sale ($199 regular $349) and a cast iron baking dish (for $30, regular $100) … I even left the store without buying anything else!

    I was thrilled to save over $200 and get a couple more items checked off the list for our new house.

  3. The deal that made me the happiest was Candies Boots for girls at Kohl’s for $16.99, regular price $49.99, on sale now for $29.99. Totally made that purchase possible.

  4. My best deal would probably be the Wii games from WalMart. I got a 2 for $20 deal and a 2 for $30 deal – which happened to be two of the Lego games. Not bad!

  5. OOhhh…I forgot about the PS2 Smash Hits Guitar Hero for $15 (thanks to you), that I also got $10 credit from buying another video game earlier in the year (thanks to you), so I ended up getting it for $5 (thanks to you)!!! Hope that made sense!

  6. Working on Black Friday sucks! I didn’t get one deal, and I sure could have used a couple. The irony of life.

    Thanks for all the posts, though, I’m still hoping to bag an extra gift or two for Sydney that I wouldn’t have bought, but will because the deal’s too great to pass up. 😉

  7. New Moon soundtrack at Amazon for $5 and the Wiifit plus package for $89 (which was $20 than in-store Best Buy and $10 cheaper than anywhere else I saw online yesterday.

    I also passed along a lot of the deals you posted to friends who were in the market for tvs and blu-ray players. That one Panasonic deal was unbelievable…that made at least two families’ Christmases much brighter!

  8. A down comforter for $25 for my best friend, and a Panasonic camera for $99 down from $249 that I’ve been wanting to buy forever. For myself. Don’t judge. 🙂

  9. Oooohhhh…I stocked up! I went to Old Navy @ 2:15am for the 3am opening to get Lego Rock Band for FREE! GOT IT and moved on to Sears, where I got two digital camera for my boys (the ONLY thing they’ve asked for—-to start their own photography business at 10 & 6 years old!), and then to Target. There i got 10 pairs of boys pajamas for my boys and nephews, 4 Nerf Vulcan’s, and other great stuff for cheap! Then I came home to see what the lovely Mir had for me….hopped on to 6pm and got 2 Flip camcorders (SWEET DEAL!!). I also scored 2 pair of Dansko shoes the other day from there! Whew! I’m tired from just typing this….no wonder I slept so late! Thanks for keeping an eye out for me! I am grateful!

  10. A 9 foot Christmas tree over half off! I have been looking for one for two years!

  11. Two laptops ($299 each) from Office Depot and a desktop (PC only – we have a monitor)… got there at 5am for 6am opening. Not a bargain, but found the Barbie My House (last year’s version, not the current pink version) bedroom set at normal price – been looking since last Christmas – it’s discontinued, so only found on Amazon and eBay for ridiculous prices, but Toys R Us had a couple of them yesterday! (I was out of town visiting family, so different store than I usually go to.) Cheap dvds at Target, jeans from Old Navy, fleece gloves from Old Navy, LOTS of other things. 🙂

  12. Fisher Price Trio King’s Castle…$75 at the store. $50 shipped to my house.

    And today, four sets of pajamas for my preschooler for $12 total.

  13. Each year we have a family tradition that we all open a gift on Christmas Eve. These gifts are family games and PJ’s,slippers etc. This year I went to Kohl’s and scored big time!
    I purchased PJ’s top and bottoms for both boys, slipper for the 12 yr.(who almost 6ft. and in men’s sizes)and a jenga game for 69.00!!!

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