It’s official: Amazon is killing me

By Mir
December 1, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

My name is Mir, and I am an Amazon addict.

Really, when they started the Black Friday deals almost a week early, I thought: That’s okay. I can do this for a week. No problem! But then I noticed that they’re still doing multiple Lightning Deals all day long in what they’re now calling their Hot Holiday Deals section, which means I’m never going to get anything done.

Psssst—looking for a Swiss Army knife? There’s one in the holiday lightning deals (knife plus a collector’s book), and due to a small glitch, it’s actually an extra $10 off (just $18.50 at checkout instead of $57). I’m just pointing it out.


  1. I can’t say I *hate* Amazon, because my poor UPS man just dropped half a dozen boxes on my doorstep, but their pricing in this “hot deals” section is really starting to drive me nuts.

    I was watching an item in there that was priced “regular $23” before the deal started. As soon as it became a “hot deal” the price changed to “regular $40, sale $20, 50% off.” That’s not REALLY 50% off, Amazon. It’s more like 15%. Shame on you.

    I’ve also noticed a lot of things I bought before Thanksgiving are much more expensive now, even when they’re “deals.” Gotta keep an eye on it. Amazon’s a shifty one.

  2. But I just can’t quit Amazon either. 😉

  3. My problem is I keep seeing things I want for myself! Great deals on some good magazine subscriptions right now. I’m getting Real Simple and Food & Wine for $5 each/year!

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