Run for cheap Bakugan

By Mir
December 1, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Ooooh, Santa’s stuffing stocking with Bakugan Booster Packs from Amazon at just $1.99 apiece—they ship for free with Prime, or are eligible for Free Super Saver Shipping with $25+.

As usual, Amazon’s “original” price is inflated. These do not sell for $10 as they claim. But they do usually go for $5-$6.50, so $2 is still a great deal. (Maximum of three per person, per purchase.)

And have I mentioned lately how much I’m loving having Prime? So much!


  1. I signed up for a Prime trial and it is WONDERFUL! I’m planning to cancel after the free month is over and am anticipating a little bit of withdrawal….

  2. Great idea for the bakugan lover to hand out to his friends for Christmas, too.
    Also? I love prime. This is our third year of paying for it…I am completely spoiled with 2 day shipping. Everything else takes forever…even when I have to pay for shipping! (I’m looking at you, Eddie Bauer.)

  3. Darn! Tried to place more than one order for 3 and got denied! I have 2 little boys interested in these! Guess I will have to see who Santa likes best to give the third one to. Or, breakdown and GASP pay full price for one!

  4. I found those when I was looking for something to add to my cart with the Lego DS game – my son’s going to be a happy camper!

  5. In for 3. Probably 3 more if it will let me. Seriously, I swore I’d never buy these. But, at $2 I’ll be the best mom ever. And you’re right they are the perfect price for stocking stuffers. We usually only spend about $15 on stockings so this is awesome.

  6. nice! 2 stockings thank you.

  7. I am not interested in this item, but must say I DO LOVE PRIME (so do all of my friends who use MY membership). Or do you think they just love me because I have Prime???

  8. I adore Prime. Love, love, love it. With four little kids at home (the oldest is in half-day kindergarten, yay!), I never can go birthday/Christmas shopping alone. So, I use amazon for EVERYTHING.

    And yay for $1.99 bakugans. I ordered three, tried to order three more (denied), changed to my husband’s account, and successfully ordered three more. Three for the stockings, three for the gift closet. Happy day!

    (And I just noticed that they changed the price to $2.99. I hope they still honor the confirmation email I got with the $1.99 price!)

  9. I would like to kiss you for my prime membership trial, Mir! I ordered Leapster games yesterday on Amazon- and the UPS guy just delivered them! How awesome is that?!? I might have to break down and pay for it when my trial expires. 🙂

  10. Grr. Just bought a bunch of these yesterday at the other price!! Maybe I’ll complain.

  11. Yeah I used a friend’s prime for a while and when she lovingly cut me off I didn’t hesitate for more than a few seconds before signing up for it myself. Amazon most always has a great if not the best price and two day shipping is tons better than the 7-10 day free super saver shipping. I love never worrying about getting up to $25, being able to get a fair amount of groceries this way, books, movies anything and having it here in two days. I think I’ve paid for one day shipping twice in the last few years so I usually go for the “free two day”. I do love the $6 saturday option though, that is pretty sweet.

  12. darn it. I saw this earlier and assumed it was just the card packs so didn’t click thru. Now I see it is the marbles and the price is up to $3.99. darn it. but, if you have dollat tree near you, they have the card packs (3 cards plus a metal one) for only $1 and no limits. We have quite a stash now for stockings and gift closet.

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