Cheapest way to get Arrested

By Mir
December 7, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Hahahaha… oh, I just love this. When I looked and saw that Arrested Development is in the Amazon Gold Box today for just $29, I thought to myself, “Hmmmm… I know that’s been in the Gold Box before. I wonder when it was?”

A handy little search later and I discovered that the last time it was discounted this way was… one year ago tomorrow. Apparently it’s a once-a-year thing, and anyone with a family understands why the holiday season is a perfect time for a show about family dysfunction. Heh.

It’s the perfect gift for the passive-aggressive in your family. Or, heck, just plain aggressive-aggressive. Or for you, while you avoid your family….


  1. Just got this for my husband – thanks for posting it! Favorite show ever.

  2. I bought it last December! My husband loved getting it for Hanukkah.

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